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Click the PDF icon above for a schedule of classes. Printed class schedules are available in the Fitness Center. Click HERE for a description of classes by fitness level.
Click HERE for information on selecting proper fitness shoes and clothing.



AQUA JAM & TONE Low impact water based workout that uses motivating music to increase cardiovascular and muscle endurance.   

BODY & SOUL GOLD is a full-body workout combining choreographed cardio, strength training, and stretching using contemporary Christian music. Standing and seated positions may be shown. Appropriate for first-time exercisers.

**BRAIN BODY BALANCE Class combines movement, breath, and mental focusing to develop awareness of mind-body connection while enhancing physical strength, flexibility, cordination, and balance. Exercises are done sitting and standing. Advanced signup required - fee.                                                                       

CHAIR FIT Exercises in a chair to improve posture, increase coordination, circulation and balance.

CHAIR YOGA   Participants get to practice a blend of yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi for mind body health.

GETTING STARTED A 25-minute intro to exercise class aimed at helping new exercisers ease into a regular exercise routine.   

H20 FITNESS   Water aerobics-style class can help improve your fitness in the no-impact comfort of our warm water pool.

**LINE DANCE   Whether or not you have any dance experience, join us for a class full of fun dance moves and lively music.

**MASTER FIT Tuesday at 9:00a.m. This 45 minute class includes low impact cardio, balance and core training, strength exercises and culminating in flexibility exercises, all with music you love.

**NORDIC WALKING Outdoor walking with NW Poles volunteer lead. If interested call 703-578-7609 for more information.

**PILATES MAT   A floor class using exercises developed by Joseph Pilates for the core (abs & back) which improves posture.

** PILATES VIDEO   DVD shown downstairs in the media room on the ground floor.

** STRETCH AND FLEX This class focuss on flexibility and core strength. Standing, chair, and mat floor work exercises performed.

**TAI CHI This is an ancient Chinese tradition of  a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. This is an advanced beginner class, some previous Tai Chi training recommended.                  

**TOTAL BODY/ TB EXPRESS Is offered as a 45-minute class or 30-minute comprehensive class that trains all your major muscles.  Individuals who find it challenging to stand and balance it is recommended that you meet in the Fitness Center; residents who are comfortable standing and balancing it is recommended that you meet in the Aerobics room.

WATER BALANCE   Gentle water walking and balance exercises in the water.

Wii BOWLING   Join us weekly for some fun using the Wii game console that enables you to bowl without any balls or pins.

**YOGA FOR LENGTH AND STRENGTH  Monday at 2:00 p.m. A 1-hour class where participants will improve posture and balance and learn how to safely stretch and strengthen back muscles. The class is on floor with a mat.


**Indicates a class has standing and/or floor work

Revised April 2018

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