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You can now complete and submit your volunteer hours log form online. No more need to print the form and walk it to the Resident Business Center. Along the horizontal green row near the top of the resident website, you will find Activities & Events. Click on that to find various sub-menus, one of which is the new Volunteer Opportunities page. That further divides into Opportunities and Volunteer Hours Log. 

If you look along the blue vertical column on the left of the resident website, you will find Resident Showcase. In honor of the website's fourth anniversary, we are pleased to showcase Donita Moorhus, the person most responsible for the creation and development of the resident website so many of us rely on daily.

Goodwin House Incorporated (GHI) and the Goodwin House Foundation (GHF) have a mission of charity and social responsibility. Part of this mission is reflected in the creation of the Community Accountability Report, which captures the work that you do for and with the community each fiscal year. It highlights the populations served and how much individuals and organizations benefit from your compassion, dedication, and time. This report is used for many reasons:

1) it is used as a measurement tool to track and enhance your impact in the community;
2) it is used as a model of motivation and means of guidance for others to give back to those in need; and
3) it is used to help qualify Goodwin House as a non-profit organization, thus driving down the costs of what each individual pays to live here.

It is for these reasons that we would appreciate your help in tracking the volunteer work that you do.  We are now in a new fiscal year. However, if you still have any volunteer hours to submit for October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018, there is still time. Volunteer Hour Log Forms are available in the Resident Business Center. You also can now submit your hours electronically on the Resident Website (!  See Website Tips above for more information on how to log in your volunteer hours. For questions, please contact Greta Christ, Volunteer Coordinator, at ext. 7671


If you are looking for ways to you can help out, the following Volunteer Positions are available:

  • Theresa Brion, GHBC Chaplain, needs volunteers to fill the candle bases with oil (usually twice a week), setting up/clearning up/ushering for chapel services, assiting with communion, wheelchair transportating, escorting residents to and from chapel services.
  • Resident Companion (This person provides companionship to residents who could use an extra friend for a half an hour or a few hours). 
  • Bingo Caller (This person calls bingo twice a month on Wednesday evenings). 
  • Garden Volunteer (To help tend to the Knoll Garden). 
  • Culmore Clinic Volunteer: (This person assists other resident volunteers once a month with setting up a medical clinic located on Glen Carlyn Road). 
  • TV Programmer: (This person assists with addressing cable and programming issues for televisions throughout GHBC).
  •  Driver: (This person assists with transporting donated clothing to Goodwill 1-2 times a month).


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