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If you would like to learn how to use WorxHub to submit a maintenance request, meet with Estephanie Rubio in the Rotunda, Monday, November 19, or Tuesday, November 20, between 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and she will guide you through the process. In the meantime, the following information is on the resident website under Special Services if you want to try and log on. 

  • In order to log into WorxHub for the first timyou must first receive an email invitation to WorxHub. This invitation comes from DONOTREPLY with a subject line Welcome to WorxHub. If you do not see this email in your inbox or spam folders, contact Estaphanie Rubio, Service Coordinator for Facilities Management,, Ext. 7244. Follow the instructions below when you are completing the form that results from clicking the link in the email invitation.e, 
  • Enter your username which consists of your first initial and your last name, typed with no spaces and no capital letters. So, George C. Scott would have the username gscott; Ida Lupino would have the username ilupino.
  • Everyone's password is the same. Type the word welcome, again with no capital letter.
  • Before clicking "Login" make sure you check the box that says "Stay logged in." If you are confronted with small screens of information (inviting you to an HVAC meetings or some such), look for the X in a corner to dismiss the small screen.

We are half way there in time expended and gifts received. You can look at the tree by the mail room to see the latest amount contributed. Notice that as the leaves fall, the amount gets larger. If you haven’t written your check, make it payable to Employee Gift Fund and place it in the EMPLOYEE GIFT FUND BOX  in the mailroom. While you are there, write some thank you thoughts on the poster board next to the box.

Now that we are in the beginning of the holiday season, which brings an enormous number of new and different activities, we need to remind ourselves that there are to be no more than two announcements visible (one in each frame) in the elevator lobbies at the same time. If more than two present themselves, the one with the earliest date and time goes on top. As soon as the event is over, the announcement needs to be removed. Birthday lists do not take priority because each resident can pick up one for the apartment refrigerator door. Let us continue to live up to our agreement and continue to take pride in our home environment.

The JDR and Bistro will operate with reduced and alternate hours on Thanksgiving Day. Click HERE for full details. The Fireside, Lounge, and Market Place will all be closed on Thanksgiving. 

November 16th until December 31st   

  • Apple Pie @ $11.00 
  • Pecan Pie @ $15.00 
  • Sweet Potato Pie @ $11.00
  • Pumpkin Pie @ $10.00
  • Cherry Pie @ $12.00 
  • No Sugar Added Apple Pie @ $11.00

To order and reserve your pie, please fill out the pie order form at the Bistro and take the completed form to the cashier. You will be charged when you place your order. Your Dining Dollars cannot be used for Holiday Pie purchases.

This project collects funds for gifts for children at the Patrick Henry Family Shelter. Look for more information next week. Donations will be collected Monday, November 26 to Friday, November 30.

It really does take a “Christmas Village” to put on such a large event as our Christmas Bazaar, coming very soon on Thursday, December 6! Your opportunity to sign up to be a part of this effort is in Rotunda! Be the first to sign up for your favorite category of table, both to set up on Wednesday, December 5, and/or to work on Thursday, December 6.

Needless to say, this is a fun and fellowship time as well as a work time for all of us – many laughs and giggles are heard throughout! Watch for the silly hats!! Watch this space for information on some new features at our event this year – ponder the mystery!! 

Get a preview of Holiday fun next week at our Card Sale, Wednesday, November 28, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Rotunda.

The Bailey’s Crossroads Shelter needs our help. Sometime next month they will be requesting donations of gently used winter clothing such as hats, scarves, gloves, warm coats or jackets or other attire for winter weather. If you are ready to part with any of these items, this is the time to get them together and think about contributing! More information to come, so stay tuned. GHBC Community Service Committee.

Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads is searching for several young children to join the cast in our production of A Christmas Carol. If you have a grandchild or great grandchild, or know of someone between the ages of 6 and 16, who would like to join us for a few afternoon rehearsals and a performance on the evening of Wednesday, December 19, please call Jeanette Wurster at ext. 3126. 

Are you wondering how to best find out what is going on at GHBC? Click on HERE to find information about the Resident Website, West Winds, other GHBC publications, and community meetings you will want to attend.

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