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This Month's Birthdays

Ms. Shirley Harjes, October 2
Mrs. Susan LaRue, October 2
Ms. Alice Allen, October 3
Ms. Virginia Karl, October 3
Mrs. Audrey Lipes, October 3
Col. USAF (Ret.) Robert Listou, October 3
Mr. Ward Morris, October 3
Ms. Jane Kenny, October 5
Mrs. Beverly Palmer, October 5
Mr. Alfred Denney, October 6
Mr. John Morton, October 7
Mrs. Lucy Hoover-Sands, October 8
Ms. Diane D. Walker, October 10
Dr. Barbara Lieb, October 11
Mrs. Doris Doran, October 12
Mrs. Mary Ellen Piez, October 12
Mrs. Mary Clancy, October 14
Ms. Janet Dana, October 14
Ms. Lois Czapiewski, October 15
Mrs. Altha McClure, October 15
Mrs. Deanna Shuman, October 15
Ms. Nancy Fisher, October 16
Mr. Wallace Johnson, October 16
Mrs. Mary Skidmore, October 18
Mr. John Philip McIntosh, October 19
Ms. Judith Fisher, October 23
Mrs. Marilyn Gallagher, October 24
Mr. John King, October 24
Mrs. Alice Biby, October 25
Ms. Christie Donald, October 25
Mrs. Linda Hohlweg, October 26
Mrs. Beulah Koulouris, October 26
Mrs. Gean Martin, October 26
Mr. Bob Lassiter, October 28
Ms. Janet S. Osborne, October 29
Ms. Therese Hannan, October 30
Mrs. Elaine Marcuse, October 30
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