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This Month's Birthdays

Mrs. Sharlene Aukofer, April 1
Mr. Paul Lannon, April 1
Mr. Dorsey Reed, April 1
Mr. Philip Harrick, April 2
Ms. Paula Johnson, April 3
Mrs. Eleanor Wilcox, April 3
Mrs. Mary Miller, April 4
Mrs. Priscilla Mott, April 5
Mr. Frank Aukofer, April 6
Mrs. Viola Bugel, April 6
Mrs. Jane Kalish, April 6
Mrs. Ann Sawyer, April 6
Adm.USCG (Ret.) Alan D. Breed, April 8
Ms. Jeanette Wurster, April 8
Mrs. Helen C. Sellman, April 10
Mrs . Elisabeth Knauff, April 11
Mrs. Janet Murphy, April 11
Mrs. Helen Lane, April 12
Mrs. Ila Malakhoff, April 12
Mrs. Mary McClelland, April 14
Mrs. Lillian Ballard, April 15
Ms. Karen P Hurley, April 16
Mrs. Rosalie Reinbacher, April 16
Ms. Susan Daniels, April 17
Mr. Stephen Piasecki, April 19
Mrs. Carol Lewis, April 20
Ms. Elaine Moore, April 20
Mrs. Trude Myers, April 20
Ms. Jennie Lou Hammerly, April 21
Mrs. Barbara Morris, April 21
Mrs. Peggy Sykes, April 21
Mr. Gordon Nicks, April 22
Mr. Thomas Smolinski, April 22
Mrs. Martha Aughavin, April 24
Ms. Judith Kaufmann, April 24
Mr. Thomas Phillips, April 27
Ms. Vivien Witheford, April 27
Mrs. Betsy Bailey, April 28
Mrs. Doris Berghoefer, April 28
Mrs. Ruth Fishback, April 29
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