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This Month's Birthdays

Hippo Birthday!

Ms. Jennifer Clark, August 1
Ms. Carolyn Corlett, August 2
Mrs. Barbara Molino, August 2
Mr. Donald Gurney, August 3
Dr. Nancy Randolph, August 3
Mr. Robert Lawrence, August 4
Mrs. Clare Kearney, August 5
Dr. Mary Anne Lecos, August 5
Mrs. Sigrid Terman, August 5
Ms. Ariann Swinson, August 6
Ms. Carol Biondolillo, August 7
Mrs. Cynthia Dolvin, August 7
Mr. Graham Cosmas, August 8
Mrs. Janet Miller Smith, August 8
Mrs. Joan Helde, August 9
Mrs. Sally Recinos, August 10
Ms. Leanne Peters, August 11
Mrs. Sandra Bohannon, August 12
Ms. Shirley Horowitz, August 12
Mrs. Dorothy Nieweg, August 13
Mr. Seymour Stiss, August 13
Mr. Richard Biby, August 15
Mr. Charles MacIntosh, August 15
Mr. David O. Marshall, August 15
Mr. Arthur Welch, August 15
Mrs. Arne J. Bang, August 17
Mrs. Joanie Dellefield, August 17
Mrs. Barbara Jo Harrick, August 17
Ms. Gloria Ann Rothman, August 22
Mrs. Elizabeth Bollmann, August 23
Mr. Thomas Dorrier, August 23
Mrs. Cecil Cary Cunningham, August 26
Mr. Robert Harris, August 26
Mr. Edward Rzesutek, August 27
Ms. Nancy Kelley, August 28
Mrs. Molly Rzesutek, August 28
Ms. Eloise Barton, August 29
Ms. Frances Sloan, August 29
Ms. Mary Clare Penney, August 31
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