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This Month's Birthdays

Mrs. Carole Laird, November 1
Mr. Benjamin Chatfield, November 2
Mrs. Roberta Fox, November 2
Mrs. Anne Blacksten, November 3
Rev. Madeline Jervis, November 4
Ms. Jean Bacon, November 5
Mr. Thomas Pickering, November 5
Ms. Mary Purdy, November 5
Mr. William Tate Aylor, November 6
Mrs. Connie Allard, November 7
Mrs. Marjorie Fisher, November 10
Mr. Robert Klassen, November 10
Mrs. Henriette Muhlbaum, November 11
Mr. George Repper, November 13
Mrs. Tevis Rose, November 13
Dr. Lawrence Shuman, November 19
Mrs. Helen Thuronyi, November 19
Mrs. Sarah Eastman, November 21
Mrs. Norma Morganbesser, November 21
Mr. Harlan Robinson, November 21
Mrs. Lenore Principato, November 22
Mrs. Doris Beinhart, November 24
Ms. Zeda Daniel, November 25
Col. Franklin Hart, November 25
Mrs. Edith Smolinski, November 27
Mrs. Laura Burchard, November 28
Mr. Allen Goodwin, November 30
Mr. Charles Hutchison, November 30
Mr. Robert Warne, November 30
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