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Resident Bill of Rights

This Bill of Rights was created by VACCRA to state expectations for residents living in continuing care retirement communities.  Note areas such as finance, management's delivery of service changes with time for our imput and transitions in care.  It also gives us a voting resident member on our Goodwin House Board of Trustees.

Bill of Rights for Residents of Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Virginia Continuing Care Residents Association

Residents have the right to:

  1. A clear explanation of the services delineated in their contracts and a list of “fee for services” offered at the CCRC as well as a visit to the assisted living, skilled health care and memory facilities prior to signing their contracts.
  2. Expect full, prompt and complete fulfillment by the CCRC management of the services delineated in their contracts.
  3. Full disclosure of the finances of the corporation presented quarterly in accordance with Virginia Code Section 38.2-4910. In cases where a community is a member of a consortium of communities, residents have the right to be fully informed of the finances both of their local community and of the parent corporation. CCRC residents have the right to receive periodic written reports from a duly certified actuary affirming that sufficient funds are being set aside for the future likely needs of the resident population. They have the right to be informed in advance if a sale of the community to another operator or provider is being considered.
  4. Be kept informed by the administration about all significant issues of management such as changes of fees, delivery of services, staffing levels and other issues which directly affect residents’ well-being or their financial investment, limited only by policies of confidentiality and privacy. Residents have the right to comment to the administration and the governing board before it is too late to have an impact on changes in policies and procedures.
  5. Promote residents’ rights to serve as voting members on CCRC corporate governing boards chosen by a majority vote of the residents.
  6. Freely assemble to enhance communication, information sharing and discussion of issues facing a CCRC community and to promote active learning.
  7. Establish, organize, fund and operate a resident association/council whose purpose is to represent the interests of the residents to the administration of a CCRC and to its corporate governing board.
  8. Participate directly in the governance of the residents’ association/council through communication, discussion, decision-making and elections in open meetings and through membership on committees.
  9. Enjoy all the benefits of living in the community and to have all regulations impartially enforced regardless of age, gender, race, physical disabilities, economic status, sexual orientation and advocacy of issues within or outside the community.
  10. Participate as fully as possible when they need to move to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. Family members designated by the resident have the right to be kept informed of the residents’ condition and care plan. Residents or their designated medical proxies have the right to refuse medications and treatments.

All residents should be provided with the VACCRA Bill of Rights and a statement of Resident Rights as provided by State Code 38.2-4905. Both documents should be posted in a public place in the community.



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