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GHBC Resident Council Meeting Minutes Below 


Council Members



Jean Reed, Chair
Apt 475, Ext 3121

Apt 1177, Ext 3179

 Ralph Cook
Apt 423, Ext 7396

Donna Cornman
Apt 414, Ext 7385

John Ewing
Apt 823, Ext 7538

Drue Guy
Apt 1223, Ext 7468

Eleanor Karro
Apt 424, Ext 7466


Dean Koulouris
Apt 704, Ext 7483

Dick Morenus
Apt 818Ext 7670


John Raubitschek
Apt 324, Ext 7136

Deanna Shuman
Apt 626, Ext 7566

Rita Siebenaler
Apt 1179, Ext 3172

Arthur Smith 
Apt 501 Ext 7655


Charles Stewart
Apt 832, Ext 7479



November 5, 2018, 10:00 a.m.




COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Jean Reed, Joan Lewis, Donna Cornman, John Ewing, Drue Guy, Eleanor Karro, Dean Koulouris, Dick Morenus, John Raubitschek, Rita Siebenaler, Charles Stewart, Deanna Shuman, Arthur Smith




Mrs. Ellen Campbell

Mrs. Isabelle Weber


Fay and Dan Alexander (Sep 4) Apt. 1478

Chris White (Sep 28) Apt. 937

 Mary and Robert Bullock (Oct 12) Apt. 1174

Barbara Allen (Oct 29) Apt. 1234


SUGGESTION BOX – Dean Koulouris reported that an up-to-date summary of suggestions is available after the meeting.  He also reminded residents that it is important to include their names and contact information on the suggestion form.  Jean Reed emphasized this point, saying that anonymous suggestions are not up for consideration. 

INTRODUCTION OF CANDIDATES FOR RESIDENT COUNCIL – Frank Hart introduced the candidates for the 2019 Resident Council:  Harry Amos, Anne Blacksten, Claudia Blake, Marjorie Fisher, Fred Hohlweg, Eleanor Karro, Diana Reyher, Art Welch.   Frank thanked Mollie Warner for her assistance in recruiting candidates and preparing for the upcoming campaign.  Candidate pictures and bio’s will be on display in the rotunda during the month of November. 

RESIDENT SERVICES REPORT– Joan Lewis described the work of the Resident Services Committee which meets monthly to promote coordination between committees and collaboration with the Resident Services Department.  Representatives from the Arts, Fitness, Movies, Music, Trips and Outings, Transportation, and Volunteers participate.  Joan then went on to introduce Tiffany Proctor, newly appointed Director of the Resident Services Department. 

Tiffany’s presentation described the role that the Resident Services Department plays in the GHBC community.  The department includes:

  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • The Art Center
  • Volunteers
  • Cultural Arts and Events
  • Oversight of the Residents Business Center, birthday lists, game room, room reservations, Tuesday movies.

Tiffany said there her office will remain in the Resident Services Suite.  She encouraged us all to participate in the committees and to offer any suggestions we may have for speakers and activities that would benefit the GHBC community. 

Tiffany also announced that there is going to be a campus-wide upgrade of digital signage.  Current screens will be up-dated and additional screens will be installed to alert residents to daily and special events.  She ended by reminding us that with the holidays approaching we can anticipate lots of decorations and a Holiday Party on December 13th.. 

Questions:  How will the digital signage be different from what is currently in the facility?  Tiffany said it will involve new technology and additional screens. 

RESIDENT WEB SITE UPDATE – Claudia Blake, webmaster for operations for the resident website, displayed on screen and described the website.  The site was t created 4 years ago for the residents of GHBC.  Claudia told us that Donita Moorhus was initially responsible for the design and focus of the website and is still an important part of the team of residents who manage the site on a day to day basis.  The website is meant to relay information to residents and is now being used as a means of communication within the community.  Residents use the website often to make JDR reservations, look-up other residents, and learn about coming events.  In the next few days, a link to The WorxHub will be established for all residents.  This will be our means of submitting maintenance requests. 

At the end of Claudia’s presentation, Jean Reed reminded residents that minutes of all Resident Council business meetings and Community meetings can be found on the website. 

Question: What if we don’t know how to get onto the website?  What is the website address?  Claudia said that this would be addressed at the Newcomers’ Meeting on Tuesday, November 6th, will be in the Board Room, where residents can bring their own devices and participate in a tutorial about the website.  Everyone is welcome. 

Question:  Could “a blog” be made part of the website so residents could communicate with each other?  Claudia said that the website is meant to inform and assist residents as they communicate with staff.  The concept of “a blog” is not part of this design. 

At the conclusion of the presentation, Claudia reminded us that Volunteer Hours can now be recorded though a form on the website and Jean encouraged residents to learn about the committees through the website. 


Otto Reinbacher, Co-Chair of the Employee Gift Fund Committee, encouraged residents to “be generous” in the spirit of this year’s fund theme:  Live, Thank, Give 

Tiffany Proctor announced that “Like War” by P.W. Singer can be purchased at a 37% discount.  There are notices in the business office which explain how to go about this purchase. 

FUTURE MEETINGS—Jean Reed reminded residents that there will be two more important meetings this week:

  • Resident Community Semi-Annual Meeting – “GHI and GHBC Present and Future” with Justin Carwile, Executive Director, GHBC; Mary Hix, Chairman of the Board. GHI; and Kathy Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer – Nov 7, 1:00 p.m., Auditorium 
  • GHBC Community Panel Discussion “Our Personal Commitment towards a Return to Civility” – Nov 8, 4:15 p.m., Auditorium 

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM 

Submitted by Eleanor Karro, Member, Resident Council

Reviewed by Jean D. Reed, Chair, Resident Council


Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads

Resident Council and Resident Community Meeting Schedule


The Resident Community Meeting will normally take place at 10:00 a.m. on the first Monday of each month in the Auditorium; except if the first Monday is a major holiday, then the meeting will take place on the following Tuesday.  The Resident Council Business Meeting will normally take place at 10:00 a.m. on the third Monday of each month in the Top-of-the-West.

Community  Meeting




Resident Council

Business Meeting





Thurs, Jan 5

Organizational Meeting

Mon Jan 8

Intro 2018 RC &

& Res Com


Mon, Jan 16


Mon, Feb 5

Survey Results

Website Safety & Security


Mon, Feb 19



Mon, Mar 5

BOM Com &

Dir Facilities


Mon, Mar 19



Mon, Apr 9

Fitness & Com Svcs


Mon, Apr 16



Mon, Apr 30

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Mon, May 21


Mon, Jun 4

Finance Com

Green Team


Mon, Jun 18



Mon, Jul 2


Spiritual Life


Mon, Jul 16



Strategic Planning

Mon, Aug 6



Mon, Aug 20



Wed, Sep 5

2019 GH Budget

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Mon, Sep 10

Employees Gift

Fund, Health, & RC Election 


Mon, Sep 17



Mon, Oct 1

Semi-Annual Meeting – Strategic Planning


Mon, Oct 15



Mon, Nov 5

Presentation of RC Candidates & Resident Services


Mon, Nov 19



Mon, Dec 3

RC Report &

RC Candidates


Mon, Dec 17 – RC Luncheon


Mon, Jan 7

Intro 2019 RC &

Res Com Chairs


Thurs, Jan 3


Organizational Meeting









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