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Virginia Continuing Care Residents Association

What is VaCCRA?

The Virginia Continuing Care Residents Association (VaCCRA) promotes and protects the interests of CCRC residents.  It is the only statewide, resident-based organization that advocates for CCRC residents on the local, state and national levels.

VaCCRA shares ideas and information with CCRC resident associations nationwide.

It disseminates information of interest to residents, especially issues affecting financial security and quality of life.  VaCCRA also fosters understanding of the CCRC concept as beneficial and socially desirable. 

Why should I join VaCCRA?

To support the only educational and civic organization in Virginia whose purpose is to protect the interests of CCRC residents.

To share information with and learn from other CCRC resident associations nationwide.

To be heard at the local, state and national levels on issues that affect CCRCs and their residents, such as the Provider Tax (a/k/a Bed Tax).  This is a daily tax on nursing beds, intended to raise funds for additional Medicaid coverage.  If this tax becomes law in Virginia, the additional costs to Goodwin House could result in steep increases in your monthly fees.

How can I become a member of VaCCRA?

VaCCRA and its Goodwin House chapter need you, your ideas and your support.  Membership applications and brochures are available at the front desk.  Annual dues are $25 for a single membership, and $45 for a couples’ membership.  

Download an application form HERE. 

for the GHBC Chapter of VaCCRA are HERE.


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