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Health Services
(Updated 10/20/2023)


The GHBC Clinic, located on the first floor of the Crossroads, handles minor health issues and assists with the health concerns of residents. The Nurse Practitioner serves as the Clinic Coordinator.  Services are handled by registered nurses in the Clinic who assist and advise residents in making decisions regarding their health care. They provide health assessments and treatments that do not require the services of a physician. The Clinic nurse also acts as a liaison between the resident and his/her physician and can also advise/recommend the need to involve other health care professionals. 

The Nurse Practitioner is available by appointment to see residents who are experiencing a change in medical condition. The Nurse Practitioner can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications in the same way a physician can. The fee for this service will be billed to Medicare and your supplemental insurance company.

Medical Records.  Medical Records sends each resident his/her medical information sheet annually to give the resident an opportunity to update the information. The updated information sheet must be returned to the clinic.

Inova Lab comes daily. Lab tests ordered by physicians can be filled at GHBC. Blood draws are at 6:30 a.m. on the 3rd floor of the Crossroads and in the Clinic Exam/Lab Room Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 8:30 and 9:15 a.m. Most results come back the same day and are forwarded to the referring physician. 

Medical Meal trays (meals delivered on a tray to apartments with delivery fee waived) can be arranged with approval of the clinic nurse. 

Immunizations: GHBC offers a Flu Vaccine Clinic every October and can administer shingles and other vaccines upon request.

Medication Administration:  Assistance with medication is now located in Assisted Living, 3rd floor, of the Crossroads. Hours:  Daily, 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Phone:  Ext. 7395. Click HERE to go to that page of the website.

Blood Pressure Checks: Residents who want to have their blood pressure occasionally checked for their own information should contact the Clinic. Blood pressure checks are done in the Clinic or in the Medication Room on the 3rd floor of the Crossroads, depending on the situation.

Please keep the clinic up to date:

  • physician notes, especially new diagnoses, changes in medication, or upcoming surgeries or treatments.  
  • complete list of medications, doctor notes from hospital stays, office visits, and ER visits
  • emergency contact information, and updated Living Wills.  Information in the resident's file will be sent to the hospital if a resident goes out on a 911 call. 
  • a copy of the form to report your medications to the Clinic can be found HERE.

 If you have a doctor's order for a regular procedure, please take the order to the Clinic to be entered into the system.

Note: The Clinic does not accept expired medications for disposal.





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