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Health Services


Brief Overview

The Health Care Center (HCC) is located on the second floor of Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads in the Crossroads building. It is licensed for 73 beds and certified for Medicare and Medicaid.  The HCC provides 24-hour nursing care.   

After the renovation and expansion of HCC in 2009, GHBC initiated Creating Home to de-institutionalize the way residents are cared for. The floor is divided into six households of ten to thirteen residents each.  Each household has a dining room, kitchen, living room, and full-time staff. Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are referred to as “care partners.” Creating home promotes person-directed care, and staff work with each resident to replicate, as much as possible, individual life-style patterns. Continuity of care allows staff to get to know each resident as an individual so that the resident’s preferences, such as wake-up time, meal times, and wine with dinner, can be incorporated into daily activities. 

At the mid-day meal, residents and staff eat together family style in the household dining room. In the evening, residents and staff sit down together to eat and interact. Family members and significant others are welcome to join a meal if they would like to or may take the resident to the Jefferson Dining Room, the Bistro, or Fireside.  Leisure activities for residents on HCC include outings, intergenerational activities, staff and resident cookouts, and brunch for residents and families. Recreation includes music therapy, small group activities, and a variety of exercise classes. Art interns assist HCC residents to participate in the Art Center with residents from all levels of care.

Short Term Stays on the Health Care Center

Although the majority of residents on the HCC reside there permanently, residents can come for temporary stays if their medical condition requires 24-hour nursing care. Transitions to the HCC are determined by the GHBC Interdisciplinary Team in conjunction with the resident, his or her family, and his or her physician. 

Residents who are hospitalized may require a temporary stay on the HCC for nursing care and rehabilitation services. A resident having a planned procedure at the hospital that may require a temporary stay on HCC should inform the Admissions Coordinator (ext. 7261) as soon as possible. The Admissions Coordinator will communicate with the hospital to coordinate the return to GHBC, including possible a stay on HCC or Assisted Living (3rd floor). 

An individual who has an inpatient stay of three or more nights and requires skilled nursing or rehabilitation services may utilize Medicare Part A benefit on the HCC. Medicare pays for all charges for the first 20 days of the stay.  Medications, disposable medical supplies, and physical therapy are paid for by Medicare during the time the individual receives skilled nursing care. If a resident requires continued skill services after 20 days, Medicare will continue to pay all reasonable and customary charges at 80% for days 21 through 100. A secondary insurance may cover the remaining charges. The GHBC Interdisciplinary Team and the resident’s physician decides when the skilled benefit period ends. Goodwin House notifies the resident through a letter.  Any Medicare beneficiary has the right to request the determination of skilled nursing care need with the medical intermediary as outlined in the notification letter. 

 What to Expect in the First 48 Hours 

Upon arrival in the Health Care Center, the resident will meet the Nursing Supervisor and the Charge Nurse on the assigned household. They will complete a full nursing assessment. The resident will also meet the CNA, who will talk about preferences for activities of daily living such as times for meals, showers, etc. 

During the first 48 hours after admission, the Admissions Coordinator will visit the resident to complete the Admissions Contract and discuss what services are provided and the payment for these services. 

The resident’s primary care physician must visit the resident, complete a full history and physical, and discuss any concerns about medical care. The physician will visit at least once every thirty days or more frequently if needed. 

A therapist from the Rehab Department will assess the resident if he/she is on HCC for short-term rehabilitation. GHBC has physical, occupational, and speech therapy on site. Residents using Medicare A for therapy will have therapy five days per week. Residents using Medicare B for therapy will have therapy three days per week. 

The Social Worker will review the resident’s Advance Directive with him/her, complete a social history, and perform cognitive assessments. The social worker will also visit the resident to discuss plans for discharge if the stay is for short-term rehabilitation. 

Visiting Hours 

Visiting hours on HCC are not restricted. However, if a resident is in a semi-private room, residents and visitors are asked to be sensitive to other residents and use the community space if visitations extend into evening hours. 

Residents on HCC are free to move about the building, subject to medical limitations, but they must always inform the staff where they are going, when they expect to return, and if they need assistance. There are time restrictions regarding absence from the floor. Physical therapy and other medically-related appointments take priority, and meal times will be adjusted to accommodate these appointments.



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