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 (updated 6/24/23)

Planning Guide for GHBC Events, Meetings, & Activities


Identify possible event date(s), time (s), and preferred meeting space and reserve through Administration: or ext. 7209.

Ensure there are no conflicts with other events. Contact Life Enrichment at ext. 7222 or ext. 7221.

Ensure no internal maintenance or projects would impact the event experience. Contact GL Project Manager at ext. 7176 and Facilities Maintenance at ext. 7242.


Contact Administration at ext. 7671 for AV assistance prior to your event. (If assistance is needed after hours, contact the reception desk to radio a staff member from Environmental Services.)

Catering & Room Set-up

Contact Dining Services for Catering availability at ext. 7645.

Contact Environmental Services for room set-up at ext. 7240.


View the West Winds guidelines here, and send a blurb for your event to

Send a blurb to to request that the event is added to the TV screens throughout campus.


Reserve Meeting Room Only (no setup or equipment)
Catie Ramos at or ext. 7209.

Catie Ramos is the primary point of contact for room reservation requests and any changes that need to be made to the reservation. There is no cost to use a room at GHBC unless you are using catering or requesting a setup that requires more than tables and chairs.

Reserve Catering AND Meeting Room
Dennis Peregrina can be reached for catering at or ext. 7645.

If not planning a private party, contact Catie Ramos prior to requesting catering services. Then, contact catering, and they will confirm their availability or ask for additional dates if catering is not available for your first choice.

If planning a private party or event, residents should contact catering first, and catering can confirm the availability of the desired space and their ability to provide catering or ask for additional dates if catering is not available for their first choice.


To confirm the event does not interfere with other large resident activities, contact Life Enrichment (LE) as soon as possible. Tiffany Proctor can be reached at or ext. 7222. Elizabeth Whitehouse can be reached at or ext. 7221.

To determine if any large construction projects or work will be in progress the day of the event, which may impact the event experience (construction, loud noise, limited parking, etc.), contact Chris Floyd at or ext. 7242 and John Cruz at or ext. 7176


Tinia McNeely at or ext. 7240

The desired set-up can be provided when the room reservation is made to add the system. Set-up includes the format of the room, such as tables, chairs, and microphones.

Dennis Peregrina can be reached for catering at or ext. 7645.

Catering provides tablecloths and skirting that may be needed for tables. Dennis must be contacted directly for catering, tablecloths, and skirting.  

Plates, Silverware, Drinks, etc. (if providing own food)
Dennis Peregrina can be reached for catering set-up at or ext. 7645.

Dining Services can provide a set-up to include plates, silverware, chaffing dishes, etc., for a fee, if the individual or group plans to provide their own food.


Goodwin Living requires that any outside catering company provides a Certificate of Insurance, prior to the event. The certificate holder should be listed as “Goodwin House Incorporated,” as listed below, even though the event will take place at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads. The documents can be mailed to:

Catie Ramos
Goodwin House Incorporated
4800 Fillmore Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22311

N.B. Alcohol can only be provided through Dining Services.


AV Contact (Business Hours Only:  Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.):
Steffan Barahona can be reached at or ext. 7671.

If the event or meeting requires AV, contact Steffan prior to the event.  AV binders with instructions are also available in the Board Room, Top of the West, and Staff Pointe Conference Room.

If the event takes place outside of business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., please contact the reception desk (ext. 0) to call Environmental Services on the radio for support.


To advertise in West Winds and the TV Screens: Email two to three weeks prior to the event, and contact Steffan Barahona to have events added to the TV screens. West Winds guidelines can be viewed here.

To request an email announcement of the event/reminder about the event to residents or GHBC team members: Contact Steffan Barahona at or ext. 7671.


  • Auditorium
  • Board Room
  • Formal Parlor
  • Media Room
  • Pointe Conference Room
  • Smith Study
  • Top of the West 
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