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The Market Place is located on your left as you face the Jefferson Dining Room. There are two parts of The Market Place — the open entry area where items are complimentary and the shop which is staffed with limited hours of service. 

Items in the open area include frozen yogurt, coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino, and soft drinks. By March 29, all self-serve amenities at the Market Place, except the frozen yogurt machine, will be open and available to residents.

The shop offers supplies usually available in a small grocery or drugstore. In addition to a selection of soft drinks, there is bottled water, fruit juice, sweet tea and coffee. The most popular items are snacks, including chocolate candies, cheese and crackers, potato chips, old-fashioned hard candy and ice cream. There are other edibles such as cereal, muffins, and bread, canned soup, chili, and roast beef hash. Kitchen supplies include paper products, aluminum foil, saran wrap and garbage bags. There is a range of laundry supplies. Toiletries include cold remedies, tooth paste, eye-drops. You can even find batteries, stationery, greeting cards, and dog and cat food.    

In addition, the Market Place is where residents pick up monthly Guest Meal coupons when we are again allowed to have guests eat with us in communal spaces.

A GHBC Gift Card is a practical and welcome gift for a GHBC resident. Anyone may purchase a gift card.  Residents use the Gift Card to select products in the Market Place or the Lounge, and Gift Cards can also be used for special dining events, such as the wine dinners and teas. 

Purchases in the Market Place, including Gift Cards, may be charged to the resident’s GHBC account or paid for using cash or a credit card. There is no minimum for a credit card purchase.

Market Place Hours
Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.



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