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Spiritual Life
(Updated 7/24/2023)

In its almost fifty years of serving residents, GHBC has fostered opportunities for spiritual growth. Spiritual well-being is an important component of personal wellness. There are regular opportunities for worship, as well as spiritual and religious activities in several faith traditions.

As the years have passed, opportunities for spiritual growth have increased. Several activities have been started by residents, including both study and discussion groups. Residents look forward to faith-related interactions including Bible studies and religious book reviews. There is an annual lecture series on a variety of faith and spirituality traditions. There are also quiet times for contemplative meditation and joyous concerts and celebrations. Many residents' imaginative ideas have been adopted and provide fulfilling growth opportunities. The Clinical Pastoral Education Program is always available to assist residents and management.

The doors of the Chapel of All Saints generally are open, allowing the shine of the sun or moon to light the room and offer an invitation to quiet meditation, prayer, or mindful solitude. If a chapel service taping or prayer gathering is not in session, please know that it is the chapel for and of the COMMUNITY for all to use as a place for respite, refreshment, prayer, etc. If there are resources that you would find helpful that are not available to you in the Chapel, please let the Chaplain know. The Chaplain also can come to you if you wish or need him; just give Chaplain Allain a call at ext. 7224.


After the service, clergy visits occur in the Health Care Center, The Terrace, and Assisted Living, followed by a 1:15 p.m. abbreviated service in the Health Care Center Community Room, which is open to the full community.

If you wish to explore the Book of Common Prayer for daily prayers, you may find the following website quite useful as well:

Please let the Chaplain know if there are additional resources that you might find helpful. He is glad to explore obtaining additional resources for our various faith and spiritual communities. 

Shabbat is celebrated on the first Saturday of each month, 9:30 a.m. in the Formal Parlor. Remember that all are welcome to attend, regardless of faith or spirituality.


  • September 29 - Michael and All Angels - Christian
  • September 29-October 6 - Sukkot - Jewish 


  • October 4: St Francis Day - Christian
  • October 6: Shemini Atzeret (begins) -  Jewish
  • October 7-8: Simchat Torah - Jewish
  • October 8: Shemini Atzeret (ends) - Jewish
  • October 18: St. Luke, Apostle & Evangelist - Christian
  • October 20: Installation of Scriptures as Guru Granth - Sikh
  • October 26: Birth of the Bab * - Baha'i
  • October 27: Birth of Baha'u'llah * - Baha'i
  • October 28: Milvian Bridge Day - Christian
  • October 31: All Hallows Eve - Christian
  • October 31: Reformation Day - Protestant Christian
  • October 31: Samhain - * Wicca/Neo Pagan
  • October 31: Deep Diwali - Jain

Group Meditation. The Meditation Group meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Smith Study. Contact: Larry Welch, ext. 7432.

Episcopal News from the Diocese of Virginia: As many of you know, in 2020, the Diocese of Virginia made the difficult decision to discontinue the printing of its quarterly magazine, the Virginia Episcopalian. In a time of decreasing budgets, a costly magazine was simply not a luxury that the Diocese could afford to continue. The good news is that the monthly diocesan newsletter, the eCommunique, will now be incorporating some of the great storytelling and features that many of you enjoyed in the Virginia Episcopalian, but without the lag time and hefty price tag of a traditional print publication. By subscribing to the diocesan news service, you will receive the monthly eCommunique plus announcements from your Bishops as they happen. Rest assured that the diocesan offices will never share your information with any other parties.

You may subscribe by going to the Diocesan website ( and click on “subscribe” from the main page or using the following link. If you need assistance in subscribing, Chaplain Allain is glad to come to your apartment and assist you in signing up. All are welcome to subscribe, regardless of their faith or spirituality

Devotional materials: If you cannot come to the Chapel, the Chaplain is glad to place copies of any items in your mailbox or bring them to you. Just let him know. The Chapel also has copies of several different English-language Bibles, Qurans, missals, and Spanish-language Bibles. What else would you find helpful? Let the Chaplain know so they can be made available to you. The materials are for you to use as you wish.

The Chapel also has copies of several different Bibles, Qurans, and missals. Spanish-language Bibles also are on order, so look for copies soon as well in the Chapel for your use. What else would you find helpful? 

Prayers of the People.  A prayer journal for entering your concerns so that others may lift them up in prayer is on the table immediately inside the Chapel. Feel free to stop by at any time to add to the list of prayers for Chaplain Theresa and others to include in their personal prayers.

Shepherding The Chaplain wears many hats—pastor, listener, shepherd, spiritual director, friend. In these novel virus days, do not hesitate to call on them to discover novel and new ways they might be of service and assistance to you. The Chapel is always open, and they are open to new and helpful ideas on how they might be with you in body and spirit.---Chaplain, ext. 7224.

Senior Quest for Meaning Lectures  Senior Quest is an annual, themed series of lectures in the fall, winter, and spring on matters involving spiritual considerations. The series has continued each year since 2010, with themes of contemplation, community, crises, and life as a journey. These lectures are designed to introduce people to the various faith traditions within which we live. Dates and times are announced in the weekly West Winds publication and on the resident website. The Series is listed on the Spiritual Life Committee page HERE.

Lenten Programs  The Season of Lent is marked by special programs featuring guest speakers. On Holy Thursday, residents gather for observance of the Last Supper with Holy Communion and a "loaves and fishes" supper. On Ash Wednesday, the Chaplain leads the Ash Wednesday Service, with the imposition of ashes in The Chapel of All Saints, followed by opportunities for the imposition of ashes throughout the campus. The Chaplain also officiates at our annual Good Friday service.

Advent and Christmas  Advent and Christmas programs include musical offerings and opportunities to share with the less fortunate through gifts of resources, time, and talent. Residents also gather for a special Christmas Eve service in The Chapel of All Saints at 4 p.m.

Organ Recital Series  Organ recitals by regional and local concert organists occur occasionally at 3:p.m. in The Chapel of All Saints, followed by a reception to greet the artists over refreshments.

Support Groups  Various support groups exist for residents and their families. These include Alcoholics Anonymous, grief support, caregiver support, Parkinson's Disease support, and dementia symptom support. These offer opportunities to share deep feelings and advice on what has worked and what hasn't within a confidential, safe environment.  Contact the Chaplain at ext. 7224 for information on Alcoholics Anonymous and the Social Worker for Residential Living, ext. 7225, for the other groups. 

Memorial Services  The Chapel of All Saints is available by reservation through the Chaplain for use for appropriate gatherings as well as for memorial (or other) services by residents and other members of the Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads community. Family members, residents, Priority Club, Goodwin House At Home members, and staff may request a religious service or non-religious gathering in the Chapel or in another location such as the Formal Parlor, Board Room, Top of the West, or Auditorium. The Chaplain is available to help in planning such services and also leads services when asked.

Please check Memorial Services under Spiritual Life.

Please look for these groups under Activities and Events:

    * In-Depth Bible Study

     * Ignatian Group


  • The GHBC Chapel is available 24/7 for prayer and meditation by all members of the GHBC community (residents, staff, etc.) except when already in use for a service, meeting, or other scheduled activity. For other use please contact the Chaplain to see if the Chapel is available and most appropriate for the planned activity.
  • Memorial and Remembrance Gatherings and Services—The Chaplain is glad to meet with any resident who wishes to do any advance planning so that it can be filed with their personal records and/or with GHBC. As you think about what might be important to you, remember that a memorial gathering need not be a spiritual or religious service and can be held in a wide variety of locations throughout GHBC (e.g., Board Room, Formal Parlor, Chapel, or Auditorium).
  • Chapel Needs—The GHBC Chapel continues to seek additional assistance with greeting those attending services (and greeting supply clergy when needed), setting up and straightening up after services, assisting with rollators for those attending services, and service preparation (as well as other tasks). Additional readers, communion assistants, and altar assistants also are needed. Particular needs include assistance with communion and altar set up and clean up. Contact the Chaplain if you wish to learn more. All assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.
  • Questions? Contact the Chaplain at ext. 7224. Or stop by the office in the administrative wing of the Pointe.


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