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Location: Top of the West
Time: 10:30 am
Scheduled on the Second Thursday of each month, 10:30 am

GHBC Book Club: Schedule of Books to Read in 2018 (as of Mar-3-2018)

Meetings = Second Thursday of Each Month 10:30 AM in Top of the West (Crossroads 12th Floor)

At every meeting, copies of the next book to read are available for members to borrow, loaned by Fairfax Library. Books are due for return at the meeting in which the book is discussed. If you missed a meeting and would like a copy of the next book, please contact Dick Morenus Apt. 818 Phone 7670 (E-Mail and he’ll loan you one if there are still books available. You can also return books to Richard if you forget to return a copy at a meeting.

This is the current schedule of books to be discussed in 2018, comprising the 12 most popular books from club member votes in October.

Nov 8 Towles Gentleman in Moscow 2016 Fiction 462 pages

Dec 13 Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 1953 Fiction 158 pages

If you have corrections or questions about the schedule, please contact Mandy Whalen Apt.819 Phone 7534 (E-Mail

If you have general questions about the club, please contact Club Chair Helen Lane Apt. 736 Phone 7460 (E-Mail

Scheduled Dates:
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