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Handbook For Residents Of
Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads

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in the Handbook, click here.)


To Our Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads
Friends and Neighbors:

To Our Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads Friends and Neighbors:

This “Handbook for Residents” is a joint effort of the residents and staff of Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads (GHBC). Its purpose is to help all residents understand how our community is organized; in other words, who does what and where to go with questions or problems. Your comments on the contents of the Handbook will be welcome at any time and will help when the next update is made.

There was a section in a previous edition of the handbook entitled “Friendliness.”  That section certainly belongs in this book, but it is too important to be relegated to a paragraph somewhere in the middle. It is our philosophy.

The original Goodwin House long enjoyed a reputation for being a friendly, caring place to live. When Goodwin House West, now Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads, opened in 1987, that tradition was adopted and carried on. We care about each other; we care for each other; we do not intrude on each other’s privacy. Who could possibly ask for better neighbors or friends?

Furthermore, we take the initiative in speaking to people, inviting newcomers to sit with us at meals, joining in the life of the community where our interests and inclinations lead us. While, of course, one has special friends, we don’t go in for “cliques.”  In short, we are a family --- and a pretty happy one! So, welcome to the family and may this handbook help you find your way around in your new home or in your “old” one if you are an “old timer.” There are many helpful additions and new information in this latest update. We hope you will read it, keep it handy, and use it often.


Updated July 2019


Goodwin House Incorporated

Goodwin House Incorporated has been enhancing the lives and expanding the possibilities of aging for older adults in the close-in Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC since 1967. Mission-driven, independent and nonprofit, we pride ourselves on our high quality service and exceptional personalized care. Our family of services includes two senior life plan communities – Goodwin House Alexandria and Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads; an innovative living at home life care program – Goodwin House at Home; and a growing Medicare-certified service – Goodwin House Palliative Care and Hospice.

Responsibilities for governance and oversight of administration reside with the Board of Trustees, whose policies are implemented by the President and CEO of Goodwin House Incorporated. The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads.

Trustees of Goodwin House Incorporated are nominated by the Governance Committee of the Board and are elected by the Board of Trustees. The Chairpersons of the Resident Councils of Goodwin House Alexandria and Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads are non-voting members of the Board of Trustees. Residents also sit on Board committees and may be elected as Trustees.

Our Mission
The mission of Goodwin House Incorporated is to support, honor and uplift the lives of older adults and the people who care for them through a faith-based, non- profit organization affiliated with the Episcopal Church.

Our Vision Statement
Expanding the places and ways we serve older adults.

Organizational Values
Service The call to service is the foundation of our mission.
Integrity We value the trust of others and by our actions endeavor to be worthy of that trust.
Community We seek to create and sustain strong and caring communities where those who live, work and visit will find places of welcome and belonging.
Individuality We believe that each person is of sacred worth. We celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of the members of our community.
Excellence What we do, we will do well. We strive for excellence in capability and execution.
Leadership and Learning We seek to learn so that we can lead.
Heritage We honor and remember the wisdom, charity and dedication of those who created this organization, and seek to serve with the purpose and faith they intended.
Growth We commit to broaden and extend our charitable purpose and mission through thoughtful and prudent growth.

Goodwin House Diversity Program

Goodwin House Diversity Policy Statement

Goodwin House is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation because of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation or physical/developmental limitations. We recognize and value the richness of diversity and strive to tap the individual motivation in each employee. Our expectation is that all employees will meet the same high standards in providing quality service to residents and each other. Our goal is for full participation of all employees in shaping the decisions that affect the organization in a climate that encourages respect for individuals, open communication and fair treatment of all people.

Quality Now, Excellence Always

In 1995, Goodwin House Incorporated made a commitment to put into practice the philosophy of TQM Total Quality Management. This management style focuses on:

  • Putting customers first (in our case, our residents)
  • Involving employees closest to a process on how best to improve it
  • Empowering the employee to make a decision to serve or improve
  • Seeking feedback from both residents and employees on where we
  • can improve
  • Recognizing those employees who exemplify customer service.

To support our efforts and put the theory into practice, we began "Quality Now," our initiative to put our residents first and continuously improve our system of service. Concurrently, we developed our Quality Pledge: LISTEN — RESPOND — SATISFY. This pledge is part of each employee's extensive training process and performance appraisal. Our efforts of our initiative have been transforming. We are committed to finding solutions, anticipating our residents' needs and providing every opportunity to develop and train our staff to meet the expectations of our residents.


I. Administration

Administration Admissions and Marketing Billing Carts/Dollies Credit for Absence Document Copy Document Faxing Fellowship/Financial Assistance Guests/ Guest Rooms Identification Card Insurance Keys Lost and Found Lounges Mail Manager-On-Call Messages Notary Public Parking Payments Postage Stamps Power of Attorney Reception Desk Resident Business Center WhatNot Shop WIFI Wireless Internet
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The Administrative Staff of Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads (GHBC) has offices on the First Floor. Residents are welcome to discuss their views, ideas, suggestions or complaints with staff members informally or by appointment.

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Admissions and Marketing

The Marketing Department handles the admission process for Residential Living and Assisted Living. Staff work with prospective residents from their initial inquiry to their actual taking move to Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads. This department supplies brochures and information, arranges tours of the community and is responsible for meeting occupancy or census goals in Residential Living. This department also specializes in the resident agreement and can be consulted on any questions regarding contracts. Marketing Department can be reached at Ext. 7125.

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Monthly statements will be placed in residents' boxes at the Reception Desk after the first of each month. Charges include: a monthly maintenance fee in advance for the coming month, guest meals and/or rooms, Goodwin House Home Care, long-distance telephone calls, pharmacy, beauty salon services, laundry, transportation, etc., for the previous month. Questions about bills should be addressed to the respective departments. Automatic payment of your monthly statement is now available. Contact the Finance office at Ext. 7202 for the forms to set up your account.

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Carts and dollies are available on the First Floor for use by residents to transport luggage, large packages, etc. They should be signed out at the Reception Desk and returned promptly. Dollies are also available in the garages.

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Credit for Absence
An allowance is made in the monthly maintenance fee when a resident is absent from the building for five or more consecutive days. Residents planning to be away should fill out the "absence" form at the Reception Desk to ensure they receive the credit on the monthly statement following their return to GHBC.

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Document Copy
GHBC has a self-service business center equipped with a copy machine, fax and paper shredder. The Resident Business Center is located across from the Mail Room on the First Floor. Residents may copy documents themselves, or they can go to the Administration Office located on the First Floor in the Pointe and ask for assistance from the Administrative Assistant. Copy charges are 10 cents per sheet. Color copies can be produced in the Administration Office for 25 cents per sheet.

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Document Faxing
Fax facilities are available weekdays through the Administrative Assistant for a nominal fee, plus any long-distance charges. Faxing services are also available at the Front Desk at any time.

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Fellowship/Financial Assistance
Goodwin House administers a confidential financial assistance program, known as the Fellowship Program, for residents who have outlived their financial resources. Please feel welcome to contact the Director of Social Work, Chaplain, or the Executive Director should you wish to have a private conversation concerning financial assistance. For additional information, please see Goodwin House Foundation, Section V.

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Guests/ Guest Rooms

Guests are always welcome at Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads. Guest meals can be purchased in the Bistro, where cash or credit cards are accepted. Meals being charged to a resident can be handled in advance at the Reception Desk, or may be paid at the time of the meal.

Comfortable Guest Rooms are available and may be rented for overnight guests who are not accommodated in the host's own apartment. They may be reserved and paid for through the Reception Desk. Rollaway cots may also be rented from Environmental Services. TIP: The demand for rooms is heavy, especially during holidays — early reservations are advisable. Residents wishing to have guests in their apartments for more than two weeks should obtain approval of the Executive Director (Ext. 7207). Smoking and pets are prohibited in guest rooms.


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Identification Card
A GHBC identification card is given to each resident at time of admission and should be carried at all times. It is a name pin that is encouraged to be worn at all times. Replacements may be obtained from the Reception Desk.

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GHBC carries comprehensive insurance on the building and the contents of the public areas. This coverage does not extend to the contents of apartments or storage bins. Residents should consult their insurance agents for an apartment dwellers policy, which generally contains protection against fire, theft and personal liability.

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A duplicate set of apartment and mailbox keys is kept at the Reception Desk and may be borrowed in case of accidental lockout. Residents in the Pointe have access cards and may request a temporary card in the event of a lockout. Keys for guest rooms, audio-visual equipment rooms in the Auditorium, the Media Room, the Computer Center, and the Woodworking Shop are also kept at the Reception Desk. They may be signed out and returned to the Reception Desk.

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Lost and Found
The Reception Desk maintains a lost and found service (Ext. 0).

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The sitting areas on each floor are for the residents' use. Feel welcome to read, play cards or socialize in these areas. Please leave the area as you found it (i.e., remove cups, glasses, and trash).

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Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday (except holidays) to the individually locked mailboxes in the First Floor Mail Room. A key is provided to each resident, and a back-up key may be borrowed from the Reception Desk. Residents may call Ext. 7220 to find out if the mail has been delivered for the day. Outgoing Mail is picked up daily (except Sundays and holidays) from the U.S. Mail Letter Boxes in the Mail Room, on the Third Floor, and from the Reception Desk.

Packages or items too large for the individual mailboxes, or mail lacking the apartment number, will be left at the Reception Desk. Please ask correspondents to use full name and apartment number. Assisted Living (Crossroads, Third Floor) has mailboxes and mail is delivered directly to this floor. The Terrace (HWC, Third Floor) mail is delivered to the AL/ Terrace Household Manager for distribution to the residents. Health Care Center (HCC) mail is picked up the HCC Administrative Assistant.

Residents planning to be away more than a day should arrange for mail to be picked up by a friend or left at the desk. A sticker note on the inside of the mailbox suffices for the latter. In case of a lengthy absence, either a HOLD MAIL or a forwarding address form should be filed at the Post Office and a STOP order should be filed upon return.


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Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads is a large and complex community. As is typical (and operationally efficient), most administrative staff work Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Occasionally, however, a situation may arise requiring support beyond the capabilities of those on site. For this reason, Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads maintains a Manager-On-Call schedule to ensure that there is administrative authority on weekends and holidays. Department directors take turns providing 24-hour, on-call coverage during the duty period (e.g., 5:00 p.m. Friday to 8:30 a.m. Monday). A "pyramid recall" system is used in the event of an emergency. Should a situation arise, the Reception Desk contacts the Manager-On-Call.

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Messages left at the Reception Desk will be placed in the resident's box at the desk. Daily check of this box is recommended (See Telephones, Section VII).

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Notary Public
Notary Public services are available at Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads. Please call the Jamie Blake in the Administration Office (Ext. 7209), Pam Mittlieder, Accounts Receivable Billing Coordinator (Ext. 7216), to make an appointment. On weekends and holidays, resident Mollie Warner (Ext. 3194) can provide notary services if she is available.

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GHBC will provide one parking space per residential apartment at no charge per their Resident Agreement. This space may be in a garage or on the surface parking area per the resident's preference and depending on the availability of spaces in the preferred area. For a monthly fee, residents may park a second car in spaces designated for second cars.

Parking spaces are available only for residents who have current driver's licenses and a car that is registered and up-to-date on its inspections. In addition, the resident should be actively driving and may not transfer their space to family or friends. Residents that are determined by GHBC management or their physician to be unsafe drivers will be asked to remove their car from the GHBC parking areas.

A number of handicapped parking spaces are available. Proper handicapped identification is required for parking in these spaces, as they are public spaces and are not just reserved for residents.

Guests may park in spaces designated as "visitor," , and not in spaces reserved for residents. Overnight guests may obtain a Visitors' Pass at the Reception Desk and park in a designated area. Parking along the yellow curb at or near the main entrance is prohibited. Unattended cars parked in this fire zone will be subject to ticketing and/or towing.

Instructions for Crossroads Residents parking in the Pointe Garage

Crossroads residents may be assigned to the Pointe garage if the Crossroads garage is full or if they have been approved by management to park in the Pointe garage.  

Designated Parking for Crossroads Residents

This parking area (spaces 126-140) is not assigned but is designated for specific Crossroads residents that are unable to manage the walk to the Crossroads garage. There are a limited number of spaces and the residents parking there have been approved by management to park in that parking area.

Spaces Designated as "Reserved"

These spaces were offered to the first residents moving into the Pointe in 2010.  When the residents with the reserved spaces no longer have a car, those reserved spaces will revert to unreserved, open spaces.

Resident "Second Car" Spaces

These spaces are marked and used by residents paying an additional fee each month to park a second car in the Pointe garage. They are designated for second cars, but are not assigned to specific residents.

Tandem Spaces

These spaces are assigned to residents living in one apartment and having two cars, both of which are parking in the same elongated space, front to back, for a fee, thus occupying one parking area.

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Payment for monthly bills should be placed in the box in the Mail Room marked CHECK DROP, or given to the Reception Desk.

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Postage Stamps
Postage stamps may be purchased in small quantities at the Reception Desk, Sunday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. A postage scale for weighing letters and packages is located in the Administration Reception Office and in the Resident Business Center. There is also a postage machine located in the Administrative Assistant's office that is available for resident's use. Letters and packages can be weighed and paid for without traveling to the post office.

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Power of Attorney
Each resident should assign Power of Attorney to a trusted individual, attorney or advisor to act on his/her behalf in case of a temporary or permanent incapacity. A copy should be filed with the Administration Office, where forms and information are available (Ext. 7209). Power of Attorney takes many forms; we recommend that you discuss this issue with your legal counsel. If needed, any of the Social Workers can provide a list of local attorneys known favorably by the community (Ext. 7225).

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Reception Desk
The Reception Desk is the communication hub of Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads. Messages are taken and placed in the individual message boxes behind the Reception Desk. Packages, prescriptions, registered letters and flowers are delivered here. Stamps are sold in small quantities and guest meals and room charges are settled. Keys and access cards are available when residents lock themselves out, and special keys to the Computer Center, Auditorium and Media Room audio-visual closets, and the Woodworking Shop may be signed out here.

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Resident Business Center
The Resident Business Center is located on the First Floor across from the Mail Room. A computer, copier, and shredding machine are available for resident use. This area is self-serve and copies are 10 cents apiece. If paper or service is needed in this area, contact the Reception Desk.

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WhatNot Shop

The WhatNot Shop (Ext. 7196) is located on the Ground Level near the Crossroads Garage. The Shop is open every other Thursday, from 12:30 p.m. — 3:00 p.m. Collection dates for donated items are held on the corresponding Thursdays that the Shop is closed from 10:00 a.m. to noon. 

The Shop is operated by a committee of dedicated resident volunteers. Residents and staff donate items to the WhatNot Shop for sale. The Shop offers affordable household items and furniture to residents and staff. All proceeds from WhatNot Shop sales go to the Goodwin House Foundation. The Shop has significantly contributed to the Fellowship Program, which provides funds for residents that may have outlived their resources.

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WIFI Wireless Internet

WIFI wireless internet is available at no charge to all residents and their guests. For more information on how to access the secure resident wireless network, contact the Internet Connection Help Desk at (Ext. 7572). Guests may obtain a temporary username and password for the guest wireless network from the Reception Desk.

II. Dining Services

Dining Services Department Bistro Hours and Service Jefferson Dining Room Hours and Service Fireside Hours and Service BC Lounge Cell Phones Dining Dollar Guest Meals Dining Dollars Dress Code Email Guest Meals Health Care Center, Assisted Living and Terrace Dining Services Holidays Market Place Menus Private Parties/Catering Room Service Room-Bound Residents Special Diets Special Events
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Dining Services Department

The Dining Services Department is under the supervision of the Dining Services Director. The staff includes managers and supervisors who are responsible for the operation of the department: Health Care Center, Assisted Living, Terrace Dining, Jefferson Dining Room, Bistro, Fireside, Catering/Special Events, BC Lounge, Market Place, Room Service and employee scheduling and training. Menus and special diets are developed by a registered dietitian. Substitute food items are always available for residents who are unable to eat the regular menu. 

Food is prepared in our full-service kitchen under the supervision of the Director, Executive Chef, and the Dining Services management team. Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads has three dining venues on the main floor: the Bistro, Jefferson Dining Room, and Fireside.

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Bistro Hours and Service

Open Daily: 7:30 a.m. — 8:00 p.m.

  • The Bistro is a casual dining venue with many self-service features.  It is open for continuous service from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Breakfast is served in the Bistro only.
  • The Bistro also offers a variety of a la carte items for purchase throughout the day.
  • Bistro service is not full waited service.

Residents are encouraged to use self-service options. You may pick up your own beverages, a bowl of soup, and salad bar.

  • Meal service in the Bistro is not served in courses.

Attendants will bring entrée items from the kitchen line as soon as they are prepared.

  • The Bistro is an open air dining experience with an open exhibition kitchen. Therefore, there is more background noise than what you will experience in the Jefferson Dining Room.
  • To Go orders are available. Breakfast and Lunch you can order from the cashiers in the Bistro 7:30am- 3:30.  For Afternoon and Dinner, from 3:30 – 7:30 p.m. order from the Lounge. Call ext. 7313 or place your order in person.

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Jefferson Dining Room Hours and Service
Lunch:   11:30 a.m. — 1:00 p.m.
Dinner:   5:00 p.m. — 7:00 p.m.
Sunday Midday:   11:30 a.m. — 1:30 p.m.
  • Reservations are required in the Jefferson Dining Room. Reservations are made through the GHBC Resident Website/ Dining Services/ JDR Reservations. Reservations can also be made by contacting the Dining Service’s Supervisor Office at Ext. 7645.
  • The Jefferson Dining Room is  a formal Dining Room serving lunch and dinner, with full waited service.

Menus are presented and orders taken at the table.  Meals are served in courses.

  • Alternative and Premium entrees are available. Premium entrees are only available in the evening from 5:00-7:00pm and are an additional $5.00. 
  • For dining in the Jefferson Dining Room, we ask that residents and their guests dress appropriately, no short shorts, hats/caps, rubber flip flops or shower flip flops. The Bistro offers a casual dining experience.

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Fireside Hours and Service

Hours: 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. Thursday – Sunday
Closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

  • Fireside offers innovative and Chef inspired cuisine delivered by a friendly wait staff in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Among the specialties we’ll be offering at Fireside are hot and cold appetizers, flat bread pizzas, small plate offerings, desserts and also alcohol beverages – and all this around the unique and inviting grey stone fireplace.
  • To Go orders are available from 5:00 – 7:30 by calling Ext 7254.
     No walk-in To Go

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BC Lounge

The BC Lounge is open to all residents and guests Monday through Saturday from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The BC Lounge offers a full bar with fine wines, mixed spirits, beer and food. All alcohol must be paid for with Resident Charge, cash, check or credit card. Dining Dollars may be used for Lounge food and Bistro to Go orders.

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Cell Phones
Please consider the quiet enjoyment of fellow residents and reframe from using your cell phone in our dining areas.

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Dining Dollar Guest Meals

Each Resident receives 4 guest dining dollar coupons. This allows the Resident to pay for a guest meal (on the coupon see definition of meal) using their Dining Dollars.

  • Dining Dollars do not roll over month to month. 
  • Residents cannot use Dining Dollar Resident Guest Meals during holidays, special events or for a brunch.

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Dining Dollars
Dining Dollars is a declining balance system that provides residents with the flexibility to choose from a variety of dining venues, meal options, and price points. For more information about Dining Dollars, please call Ext. 7257.

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Dress Code

While there is no official dress code at GHBC, for dining in the Jefferson Dining Room we ask that residents and their guests dress appropriately – no short shorts, hats/caps, rubber flip flops or shower flip flops. The Bistro offers a casual dining experience. It is up to residents to see that their guests know the dress code.

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We encourage all residents to sign up to be on our dining services email distribution list for daily/weekly special announcements and events. Please contact our Dining Service's Administrative Assistant at Ext. 7257.

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Guest Meals

Guests of residents are always welcome. Their meals may be paid for by Resident Charge, cash, check or credit card. The Jefferson can only accept Resident Charge but it is possible to pay cash or credit for the meal in the Bistro. The Fireside only accepts resident Charge or credit card. Guest Meal Coupons can be used in all venues.

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Health Care Center, Assisted Living and Terrace Dining Services

Health Care Center, Assisted Living, and Terrace residents may select meals from the menus provided at each meal, subject to their physicians’ orders.  Meals are served in resident rooms,  in the Household Dining Rooms on the Second Floor, or in the Dining Rooms on the Third Floor. All residents are welcome in the Jefferson Dining Room, Bistro or Fireside.

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On major holidays the meal schedule for the Bistro , Fireside and Jefferson Dining Room will be posted in advance. The Bistro continues to serve three meals a day on the regular schedule. When the Dining Services Department closes early on a holiday, the Health Care Center, Assisted Living, and Terrace meals are still served as usual. The Market Place will be closed on holidays.  

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Market Place

The Market Place is open from Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and is located directly outside the Jefferson Dining Room. Residents and guests may purchase grocery and specialty items either by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard), or may be charged to the resident’s House account.

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Weekly menus, updated each Friday, are available by email and are available at the Front Desk. They are also listed on the Resident Website.

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Private Parties/Catering

To arrange for catering a private party (luncheon, cocktail, dinner, tea, etc.) in one of the public rooms, consult the Catering Manager (Ext. 7477) to reserve a room, and to place a food and beverage order. Arrangements also may be made for catering in residents’ apartments.


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Room Service

Dining Services offers room service for your convenience. There is a $4.50 delivery charge for this service. Items can be ordered from our weekly menus and delivered for all meals. To place an order, call Ext. 7645. Medical trays can be obtained by contacting the Clinic at Ext. 7227.  

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Room-Bound Residents

(Please see Health & Wellness, Section VI)

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Special Diets

Substitute food items are always available for residents who are unable to eat the regular menu. Residents having special physician-ordered dietary needs are encouraged to discuss their limitations with the Registered Dietitian. Appointments can be made through Dining Services, Ext. 7252. Substitute items should be requested from an employee or supervisor.

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Special Events
Dining Services regularly hosts special events such as:
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Wine Dinners
  • Outdoor Events on the Patio
  • Themed Dinners
  • Happy Hours

We encourage all residents to sign up to be on our dining services email distribution list for daily/weekly special announcements and events. Please contact our Dining Service's Administrative Assistant at Ext. 7645.

III. Environmental Services

About GHBC Environmental Services Furnishings in Public Areas Garbage Disposal Systems Gardens Guest Rooms Housekeeping Laundry/Dry Cleaning Pest Control Safety Wardens Storage Room Windows
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About GHBC Environmental Services

Environmental Services (ES) includes housekeeping, laundry, and special projects.  The department is fully staffed during regular hours, (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and a staff member is on call at all times to respond to emergencies. Any problems with the functioning of the building, equipment, or services should be directed to Ext. 7244 during regular hours or to the Reception Desk (Ext. “0”) after hours and on weekends.

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Furnishings in Public Areas

Environmental Services (ES) includes housekeeping, laundry, and special projects.  The department is fully staffed during regular hours, (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and a staff member is on call at all times to respond to emergencies. Any problems with the functioning of the building, equipment, or services should be directed to Ext. 7244 during regular hours or to the Reception Desk (Ext. “0”) after hours and on weekends.

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Garbage Disposal Systems

Most small amounts of discarded food may be put in the disposal attached to the sink drain. To use it, turn on the cold water, and then press the disposal switch over the sink to start the disposal. When the disposal sounds as if it is running free, turn it off, and then turn the water off.  Larger amounts of discarded food, bones, coffee grounds, stringy vegetables, fruit peels and similar items should be bagged or tightly wrapped, tied and put down the trash chute. (Please see Trash/Recycling, Section IV)

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Outside raised garden boxes are available to interested residents and are assigned annually as available. For more information, contact Environmental Services Ext. 7465.

GHBC residents and staff help care for the Knoll Garden located on the South Lawn. Residents are encouraged to visit the Knoll Garden.

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Guest Rooms

Reserve Guest Rooms by calling the Reception Desk. Keys for Guest Rooms are issued by and returned to the Reception Desk, and payments are made at the Reception Desk. All Guest Rooms are non-smoking rooms.


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Apartments are cleaned once a week on a set schedule.  Fresh bed and bath linens and toilet paper are furnished at this time. Beds are made, carpets are vacuumed, furniture is dusted and wastebaskets are emptied. TIP:  If you want top surfaces dusted, clear the surface. Housekeepers will dust but will not use polish on furniture. They will move light furniture back in place but not bric-a-brac or other breakables. If special service is needed, or if there are questions or complaints, call ES (Ext. 7244). Employees are not allowed to perform extra tasks except as arranged with the ES department.

MAJOR CLEANING: Arrangements may be made with the Environmental Services office. The Housekeeping Supervisor will come to apartments on request to discuss cleaning policies and procedures and any needs of residents.

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Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Commercial-size washers and dryers are in the Laundry Rooms on all Residential Living floors in the Crossroads. Residents furnish their own laundry supplies and electric irons; there are ironing boards in every Laundry Room. Personal laundry may be taken to the Personal Laundry Room on the Ground Level, where it will be processed for a fee.

Dry cleaning may be left at Personal Laundry to be sent to a nearby cleaner.  Fees are charged to the resident’s monthly statement.  If necessary, pickup and delivery at apartments can be arranged through the Personal Laundry (Ext. 7636).

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Pest Control
A commercial firm treats each apartment regularly. Call Ext. 7244 to report any problems.

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Safety Wardens

An all-volunteer Safety Warden corps helps implement the GHBC Fire Safety Plan during fire drills and emergencies. The Safety Wardens’ main responsibility is to check on residents on their floor during a fire drill, and to remind their neighbors of the GHBC Fire Plan. The Safety Warden corps is headed by a resident Chief Safety Warden, and is coordinated by Environmental Services. For more information about the Safety Wardens, or to join the corps, call Ext. 7242.

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Storage Room

Each apartment in the Crossroads is assigned one wire enclosure in a locked storage area on the Ground Level marked “Resident Storage.” Each apartment in the Pointe is assigned one wire enclosure in a locked storage area in the Pointe garage. Residents provide padlocks, which may be purchased from ES for their own enclosures. Items of great value should not be stored in either area. For access to the Crossroads storage and the Pointe storage areas, use your keyless access card. Call ahead of time (Ext.7244) if help is needed getting items into or out of enclosures. If you “loan” your storage bin to another resident, please notify ES as forms must be completed.


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Upon resident’s request, interior windows will be washed at no charge by appointment through ES (Ext. 7244). Exterior windows are cleaned annually. Please keep windows closed when air conditioning or heat is on, and please close windows when your apartment is unoccupied.


IV. Facilities Management

About Facilities Management (FM) Air Conditioning (Heating/Cooling) Balconies/Exterior Spaces Electrical Features Elevators Emergency Location and Response System Emergency Power Fire Safety Features GHBC TV Grab Bars Maintenance Parking Garages Private Remodeling Radio/TV Repairs Snow Removal Trash/Recycling Move to ES section
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About Facilities Management (FM)

Facilities Management (FM) includes maintenance, engineering, grounds, reception desk, and security. The department is fully staffed during regular hours, (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and a staff member is on call at all times to respond to emergencies.  Any problems with the functioning of the building, equipment, or services should be directed to Ext. 7244 during regular hours or to the Reception Desk (Ext. “0”) after hours and on weekends.

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Air Conditioning (Heating/Cooling)

In the Crossroads, each apartment has a convector that provides heat and air conditioning. Some rooms are equipped with wall thermostats. Each apartment is designed for constant air circulation:  incoming filtered outdoor air from ventilators in the corridors comes through undercut apartment hall doors, and outgoing air exits through the bathroom ceiling exhaust and the kitchen exhaust over the stove. 

In the Pointe, each apartment has an individual heating and cooling unit that is in a locked mechanical room. Fresh air is supplied by the duct above the apartment hallway door. The room temperature is controlled with a wall-mounted thermostat, and the kitchen and bathroom have exhaust fans similar to the Crossroads. Please call if you experience any problems with your air handling systems, Ext. 7244.

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Balconies/Exterior Spaces

To ensure the safety of all residents and the ambiance of our community, residents may not use their balconies as storage areas for boxes or other items, or hang anything from their balconies. This includes, but is not limited to, hanging flower boxes, flags, lights, or other items that would alter the exterior appearance of the community or that might fly off in a high wind.  Balconies may not be enclosed. Due to the construction of balconies, the balcony ceiling and floor may not be punctured.  The use of gas or charcoal grills on balconies is prohibited, as are bird feeders.

Balcony furniture must be well maintained and neat in appearance.  Residents must ensure that potted plants placed on balconies are in sturdy pots that won’t topple over in high winds or other severe weather conditions.

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Electrical Features

The wall switches control the top outlet in one of the wall outlets in each room.  The wall outlets in the bathrooms have circuit-breaker safeguards in case a plugged-in appliance gets wet. Call Ext. 7244 to reset it – don’t try to do it yourself.

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If an elevator stalls, or if the door will not open after you push the  “open door” button, which is lit, and follow the posted directions. 1)

  1. Push the button above the word “Call” located above the floor buttons until red light appears.
  2. You will hear telephone dialing the Elevator Company.
  3. Elevator Company will ask if you need assistance.
  4. Tell person on duty what elevator you are in (look at number above the elevator door) and what the problem is.
  5. The elevator company will provide the appropriate level of response. 

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Emergency Location and Response System

GHBC has several security features available to residents. Please see Sections IV, VI, and XIII for details.


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Emergency Power

In the event of a local power outage, GHBC has emergency power generators, which provide power on all floors for lights in the corridors, stairwells, Health Care Center, Assisted Living, Terrace, and for one elevator in each building.  Residents should keep a flashlight in working order.  Candles are not to be used at any time.

Emergency outlets have power when normal utility electrical power is not available. They are identifiable by their red outlet and cover plate.  Second floor health care rooms all have such outlets, as well as some second floor offices and group rooms. Emergency outlets will be available in all elevator lobbies in the Pointe and Crossroads and HWC.

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Fire Safety Features

All buildings are equipped with smoke detection system and a sprinkler system. If you are in your apartment and you hear the Fire Alarm, close your windows, unlock your deadbolt, and wait for further instructions or the “All Clear” message. If the fire emergency is in your apartment, leave immediately, closing the door behind you, and then pull the nearest red “Pull Station,” located at either end of the hall. Using the exhaust fan in the stove hood when cooking helps to prevent false alarms.  (See Fire Emergency under “Security”).

Candles should never be lit in any apartment.  Do not store anything in the oven. (Please see Resident Responsibilities during a Fire or Drill under Section XIII.)


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Resident apartments are pre-wired for cable hook-up and residents have three options for improving television reception and increasing the number of channels received. The three options are GHBC TV, Cox Cable TV, and FIOS. GHBC has its own satellite dish on the roof so residents can receive a greater number of channels and clear transmission. GHBC TV can be ordered by calling Ext. 7244. Basic cable is offered to all residents at no charge. An Expanded and a Premium cable package with more channels may be purchased for an additional amount each month. A list of additional channels is available in Environmental Services (Ext. 7244).

Residents may also contact Cox Communications which serves this area, at (703) 378-8440 or Verizon FIOS at 1-800-837-4966.

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Grab Bars

Any resident who would like grab bars in lieu of towel racks in their bathroom(s) are invited to call Environmental Services (Ext. 7244) and request them. They will be installed at no additional cost to the resident. Additional grab bars may be installed by request and at an additional cost. Any such installation will have to be scheduled when workers are available.

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Facilities Management (FM) takes care of the building, basic apartment appliances, and fixtures without charge. They will also assist with some chores, i.e., picture hanging for new residents, for up to one hour without charge except for materials used.  Such services as minor carpentry, painting and cabinetwork are not performed by FM staff, but can be arranged for an hourly fee.  There is a time and material service charge for repairs to and installations of resident owned property or personal items. Call the office (Ext. 7244) for information or to report problems.

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Parking Garages

GHBC has two underground resident parking garages and one two-tiered staff parking structure, all of which include upper deck parking. Residents who plan to park their vehicle(s) on site must register with Security and obtain a valid parking sticker. Requests for deck or garage parking are honored as space allows.

The Parking Garage doors are operated with assigned magnetic Access Cards. (Please see Access Cards, Section XIII). In the event of a power outage, residents may contact the Reception Desk via the Emergency Call Station, or by calling 703-820-1488, and a staff member will be sent to manually open the garage door.


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Private Remodeling

Residents may decorate their apartments in any way they wish, but changes in the apartment that would call for remodeling must be discussed with and approved by the Executive Director (Ext. 7207).

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Maintenance staff will help with installing radio or TV at no charge except for materials used. If you desire your TV to be wall hung, we recommend a competent professional be employed. Call 7244 for information.  Earphones are recommended for the hearing impaired. TIP: A radio or TV placed on an inside wall, rather than a common wall, will rarely be heard outside the room. GHBC TV is available in resident apartments. Contact Ext. 7244 for assistance. 

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Call Ext.7244 for repairs to the building and to appliances. Staff can often help with repairs to residents’ possessions or suggest nearby sources of help.  A rate sheet is available in the Facilities Management Office.


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Snow Removal
Facilities Management staff will remove snow in the parking lot and walkways and will assist resident in clearing their cars of snow, if requested. Contact Ext. 7244 for assistance.

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Trash/Recycling Move to ES section

There is a Trash Room on each floor near the elevators. There are separate recycling bins for newsprint, magazines, slick paper, glass, plastic articles and cans. Cardboard boxes should be stacked near the chute. All other trash and food remnants, which the apartment disposer cannot handle, should be put in plastic or paper bags (tied or taped shut so they won’t break open in the chute) and put down the trash chute. Residents are asked to keep trash rooms neat.


V. Goodwin House Foundation

About the Goodwin House Foundation The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Goodwin House Palliative Care and Hospice Alice Story Biache Fund GH Continuing Education Program Fund Ruth Anderson Leadership Development Fund Community Matching Gift Program Quality Of Life Young At Art Friends Helping Friends Endowment Fund Ways to Give to the Foundation Financial Statements
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About the Goodwin House Foundation

The Mission of the Goodwin House Foundation is to generate resources for Goodwin House to provide support for current and future residents in need and to fund programs and organizations dedicated to seniors’ well-being and vibrant living.

Established in 1989, the Foundation celebrated its 25th Anniversary on September 20, 2014.  Its primary purpose is to raise, manage, and grant funds for the Goodwin House Fellowship Program, the confidential financial assistance program for residents who have outlived their financial resources and for qualifying seniors seeking admission to Goodwin House who may need some financial assistance. 

The Foundation is committed to ensuring that retirement at Goodwin House includes freedom from financial worry. The Fellowship Program is funded solely by charitable contributions; no funds come from residents’ fees.  Since 1967, more than $13 million has been spent on the Fellowship Program. 

As the Foundation matured, it has broadened its vision to include programs and funds that enhance the lives of residents and older adults in Northern Virginia. The Foundation generates resources for several Goodwin House programs and funds including the following.

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The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)  

This Program benefits students anticipating work in parish ministry or in specialized ministry settings. Students focus on developing pastoral skills, as well as their personal and spiritual development. Students also have the unique opportunity to serve residents who are receiving Hospice care. More than 177 students have commenced from the Goodwin House CPE Program since its inception.

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Goodwin House Palliative Care and Hospice

Goodwin House Palliative Care and Hospice 

GH Palliative Care and Hospice provides resources to support the lives of residents receiving Hospice care, to enhance quality of life in their final days. The program provides resources to support residents and their families throughout illness and at the time of death.

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Alice Story Biache Fund

Alice Story Biache Fund: 

Alice Biache was Goodwin House’s Senior Vice President of Professional Services for 25 years. After her death in 1998, her family created the Alice Story Biache Health Education Fellowship Awards for health care staff members who are furthering their education.  These awards fund expenses not eligible for reimbursement through GH’s Tuition Assistance Program such as textbooks, uniforms, parking, and child care.

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GH Continuing Education Program Fund

GH Continuing Education Program Fund  

The Foundation raises money for this fund so staff members have the opportunity to be trained in the best practices of caring for older adults. Goodwin House believes that access to high-quality, university-based training that incorporates current research on gerontology and the changing needs of older adults is critically important for GH staff. This training helps staff provide residents with the highest quality of life possible.

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Ruth Anderson Leadership Development Fund

Ruth Anderson Leadership Development Fund 

Established in 2005, this Fund provides emerging Goodwin House leaders with financial support so they may participate in formal leadership development programs.


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Community Matching Gift Program

Community Matching Gift Program  

Launched in 2002, CMGP matches resident donations up to a maximum of $500 per donor, per organization, per calendar year.  CMGP has made an impact by matching, since its inception, $270,000 in resident gifts for a total of $540,000 to support these Partnering organizations. Information on Program Partners is available from the Foundation, at the Reception Desk, and in the Library of each Goodwin House. 

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Quality Of Life

Quality Of Life 

Launched in 2010, the Quality of Life (QOL) Program provides funding for GH programs that encourage more activity and social interaction among GH residents. Residents complete a QOL Grant Request Form and submit it to the QOL Committee for review. QOL expands the social opportunities available to residents through resident initiated and directed program activities.

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Young At Art

Young At Art 

Young At Art is a 27-year old juried art show for all individuals aged 55 or older in the Northern Virginia/Washington Metro area.  It is co-sponsored by the Goodwin House Foundation and Senior Services of Alexandria.  Anyone 55 or older may enter any type of art. Cash prizes are awarded. The Foundation is pleased to provide this exhibition of creative art by talented seniors.

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Friends Helping Friends

Friends Helping Friends 

Initiated in 2008, FHF assists GH staff to weather financial stresses.  The Program helps staff who may need financial assistance during the holidays to purchase food and gifts for their families. The “staff-to-staff” Program also enables donors to make tax-deductible gifts to support Goodwin House staff members in financial need.


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Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund  

Gifts to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund are invested in perpetuity and only the income from appreciation is used to support Foundation Programs.


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Ways to Give to the Foundation

Ways to Give to the Foundation

Donors can make gifts to the Foundation in many ways including: cash (checks and credit cards), stocks, bonds, property, insurance, annuities, bequests, and other planned giving vehicles. Residents also may give through their monthly GH billing, and staff through payroll deduction. 

Commemorative gifts may be made “In Memory of…” or “In Honor of…” individuals. Also, the Foundation offers Charitable Gift Annuities.  By establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity with the Foundation, the donor and up to one other individual can be provided with a fixed income for life. In addition, the Foundation is pleased to speak with residents, their families, and friends about bequests to the Foundation from their estates.

All gifts are fully tax-deductible under IRS regulations and may even provide additional tax advantages for the donor. To learn more about giving opportunities, please contact the Chief Philanthropy Officer at 703-824-1345.

The Foundation respects the intentions of all donors. In strict compliance with the law and the code of ethics for fundraisers, no gifts intended or designated for one program are used to support any other program. Gifts that are not designated for a specific program always will be used to support the Goodwin House Fellowship Program.

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Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Audited financial statements of Goodwin House Foundation are available by request from Goodwin House Foundation, 4800 Fillmore Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22311 or from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Office of Consumer Affairs, PO Box 1163, Richmond, VA, 23218.


VI. Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness Services Advance Directives Dental Office Do Not Resuscitate Order Doctors Emergency Location and Response System Hospice Pharmacy Physical Therapy Private Nursing Service/Home Care Room-Bound Residents Transfer Decision Making Between Levels of Living *
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Health and Wellness Services

The Health & Wellness staff includes clinical specialists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants. 

A Nurse Practitioner is available to residents by appointment and walk-in emergencies Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The nurse practitioner can diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions. This is a fee-for-service program.

The Administrator of Health Services is responsible for policies, procedures, coordination, and implementation of health services for Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads.

The Director of Nursing is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Health Care Unit.

A Medical Director, under contract by Goodwin House Inc., has general oversight of the medical services. The Medical Director does not function as a personal physician. (Please see Doctors, Section VI)

The Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads Wellness Clinic is on the First Floor and handles minor health concerns Monday through Friday. Oversight is provided by a nurse practitioner. 

Medical specialists, such as a podiatrist, optometrist, optician, neurologist, audiologist and hearing instrument specialist, and a dentist, make regular visits to the community, and may be consulted for a fee by any resident. Examining rooms in the Wellness Clinic, including a dental office, may be used by a resident’s private physician or dentist by appointment. A physician may arrange for an X-ray and other kinds of diagnostic testing in the Clinic by contacting Wellness Clinic staff (Ext. 7227).

Emergency assistance to residents is available at all times:  call the Reception Desk (dial 0) and ask that the Resident Health Supervisor/Clinic be called. 

If unable to use the phone, pull the emergency cord in the bathroom or knock the telephone off the hook.

Assisted Living (AL) is located on the Third Floor of the Crossroads and provides supportive care for residents who need some assistance, but are otherwise able to be independently active in the life of the community.

The Health Care Center (HCC) occupies the Second Floor of the Crossroads Health and Wellness Center. It provides acute care, rehabilitation, long-term care, and hospice care as appropriate.

The Terrace is a secure household on the Third Floor in the Health and Wellness Center, and provides a custom-tailored residential memory support program to those residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of memory impairment who require a safe and secure living environment.  

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Advance Directives

(Please see Social Work, Section XIV)

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Dental Office

The Dental Office is located in the Wellness Clinic. It is equipped to provide complete dental exams, x-rays, dental fillings and minor dental repairs with prior notice. The dentist visits the Wellness Clinic twice a month.  Appointments can be made by contacting the Wellness Clinic (Ext. 7227).  The Dental Office is also available for use by your private dentist with advance notice.  Please contact the Wellness Clinic (Ext. 7227) to make arrangements.

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Do Not Resuscitate Order

Cardiac/Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a special form of life support.  Denial of CPR, in case of cardiac arrest, can be effected only by a physician-issued DDNR (Durable Do Not Resuscitate) order. A DDNR is signed by the physician and the resident or, in some cases, the resident’s Health Care Power of Attorney. If a resident believes a DDNR order might be desirable, the subject should be discussed with the Wellness Clinic Nurse.


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Residents select their own doctors or health plans (several doctors visit Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads on a regularly scheduled or emergency basis).  If desired, the Wellness Clinic nurses can provide names of various generalists and specialists without specific recommendation.

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Emergency Location and Response System

GHBC has several optional emergency alert systems available to residents.  Each security program alerts staff to a resident’s call for help or notifies staff if a participating resident has not checked in for the day. Residents can choose between two systems: the Infra-Red Motion Detector, and the Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET). 

  1. Infra-Red Motion Detector – For residents wanting a daily check-in program, an optional passive check-in system that utilizes passive infra-red motion detectors can be installed in your apartment for a one-time charge of $250.00. Once installed, if you do not set off the motion detector by a specified time, the Reception Desk will call you. A nurse will be sent to check on you if we do not get a response. Please contact Environmental Services at Ext. 7244 if you are interested in this option.
  2. Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) – For residents who want the security of having an alert system if they fall anywhere in the building or on the grounds, a personal emergency transmitter (PET) that may be worn as a pendant is available. It may be purchased for a one-time charge. (Batteries last approximately one to two years and are the responsibility of the resident.) PETs are available through the Wellness Clinic at Ext. 7227.

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(Please see Palliative Care and Hospice, Section VIII)

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A pharmacy headed by a registered pharmacist is located in Goodwin House Alexandria. GHBC residents may fill prescriptions and buy over-the-counter medication and health-related products from the Pharmacy. The Pharmacy is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays, and is reachable by telephone: (703) 824-1026. GHBC residents may receive same-day delivery to the Reception Desk for medications and products ordered before 3:45 p.m. The Pharmacy makes deliveries twice a day to GHBC: at noon and 5:00 p.m. Charges may be billed on the monthly statement or charged to a credit card. Pharmacy supplies for Health Care Center residents are charged on the monthly statement. Itemized statements for verification or tax purposes will be supplied upon request. 

Prescriptions may also be filled and sundries purchased at various drug and grocery stores in the Leesburg Pike Plaza Shopping Center, Target at Skyline Plaza, and Crossroads Center. Over-the-counter items are also available in the GHBC Market Place.

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Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Department, located on the First Floor in the Health and Wellness Center (Ext. 7267) is staffed by licensed therapists and licensed assistants under contract with a Therapy Provider. Referral is by the resident’s physician and may include physical, speech and/or occupational therapy. Medicare or insurance may cover treatment; discuss the possibility with the Physical Therapy Department. Anything not covered will be billed on your monthly statement.

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Private Nursing Service/Home Care

Goodwin House Home Care provides Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) to help residents with activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, and escorting to appointments, socialization, shopping, errands, laundry and light housekeeping. Oversight is maintained by the Director of Goodwin House Home Care, a Registered Nurse. Home Care may be obtained with 24-hour advance notice by calling the Coordinator, Ext. 7232.  This is an optional fee-for-service program that will be billed to residents on an hourly basis.

Residents may also choose to contract with an external Home Care Agency, but they must meet GHBC policy guidelines. All private nurses, companions, aides, and housekeepers must be registered at the Reception Desk, dress appropriately, receive and wear an identification tag, sign in and out at the Reception Desk, and comply with Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads policies. Please contact the Director of Nursing (Ext. 7109) prior to hiring private duty personnel. Meals consumed by the private aide (dates and what meals) are to be paid by the resident.


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Room-Bound Residents

Residents who are confined to their apartments by temporary illness or infirmity may receive meal tray service without extra charge when ordered by Clinic staff or the Health Care Center supervisor. Health Care and Dining Services Staff will visit as needed.

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Transfer Decision Making Between Levels of Living *

Decisions about transferring residents between levels of living are made by the inter-disciplinary team. The resident’s and family’s wishes are of paramount concern.  Consideration is given to these factors:

  1. Safety
  2. Ability to perform activities of daily living
  3. Admission criteria to each level of living
  4. Psychosocial needs

* Levels of living in the Crossroads include: residential-living apartments (floors 4 through 12), Assisted Living (Third Floor), the Terrace (Third Floor, Health & Wellness Center), and the Health Care Center (Second Floor). All apartments in the Pointe are residential-living apartments.


VII. Life Enrichment

About GHBC Life Enrichment Arts Studio Beauty Salon/Barber Shop Bulletin Boards Card Room Computer Center Events and Enrichment Fitness Center Flower Arranging Game Room Library Meetings, Private Parties, and Catering Recreation Program for Assisted Living, Health Care Center, and Terrace Special Interest Groups Volunteers West Winds Woodworking Shop
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About GHBC Life Enrichment

The Life Enrichment Department provides recreation and leisure programs that promote the overall wellness and enrichment of the Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads community. The department coordinates the efforts of staff, residents, and volunteers in planning educational, cultural, creative arts, social, wellness, and entertainment programs. Life Enrichment offers creative arts, crafts and humanities programs through classes, lectures, films and day trips. Therapeutic Recreation provides a broad program of intellectual enrichment, music, fitness, and the arts to Assisted Living, Health Care Center, and Terrace residents. Volunteers from the community, as well as from GHBC, assist in many of the programs and services. The Department formally includes the Art Center, Fitness Center, Volunteer Services, Therapeutic Recreation, the Beauty Salon, and all cultural and community events at GHBC. Life Enrichment is led by the Director (Ext. 7222).

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Arts Studio

A large, well-lit and well-equipped Arts Studio (Ext. 7218) on the First Floor is available to residents at all times. A professional art instructor on staff provides classes, programs and trips in the visual arts and the humanities that are listed in West Winds. Residents are invited to sign up for classes or drop in and work on their own projects. The works of community artists are displayed in “Crossroads Gallery,” located immediately outside the Arts Studio.

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Beauty Salon/Barber Shop

Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads offers a full-service unisex Salon and Barber Shop. The Shear Magic Salon is located on the Ground Level, Crossroads. The Salon offers a full array of beauty and barber services including perms, roller sets, haircuts and styling, waxing, manicures, pedicures and much more. Salon hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

An additional Salon is established on the Second Floor Health Care Center for ease of access to Salon services for the residents of that floor. Upon request, other resident appointments may be taken in this Salon as well. The Second Floor Salon is open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, and offers the full range of salon and spa services in that location. 

The GHBC Salons are managed by the Beauty Salon Manager, who may be reached for Salon inquiries and recommendations at Ext. 7238.

To schedule an appointment for any of the above services, call the Beauty Salon at Ext. 7237 or make an appointment online by going to the Resident Website/ Special Services/ Salon.

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Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards in the Mail Room offer current information and announcements. They may include: GHBC Events Board, community affairs, Resident Council notices, a monthly list of resident birthdays, resident postings and announcements, notification of recent deaths and memorial services, special interests stories, or classified ads.

Residents should check the bulletin boards for information on upcoming events. There are also framed notices on Residential Floors and in the elevator areas. Residents wishing to post notices should clear them with Administration prior to posting; no signs should be posted directly to the wallpaper or in the elevators.

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Card Room

The Card Room is located on the First Floor next to the Game Room. Three small tables are provided and many private and community groups use this room for bridge, Mexican Dominoes, poker, and other table games. Contact the Cultural Arts and Events manager at (Ext. 7221) to reserve the room.

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Computer Center

Four computers are available for resident use in the Computer Center near the Environmental Services Office on the Ground Level. There is one computer in the Library and in the Resident Business Center located on the First Floor that residents are invited to use. Each computer has internet access and is equipped with MS Office software.

Residents who wish to have computer training may contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Ext. 7671. Computer volunteers are available and residents are encouraged to sign up for training sessions.  


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Events and Enrichment

A wide variety of events and programs are listed by day in the calendar attached to the  West Winds Newsletter.Events are also advertised on the flat panel screen displays on the First Floor.

A partial list of some of the recreational programs offered at GHBC includes: Art classes, fitness classes, lectures, resident chorale, films, social events, holiday parties, and concerts.


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Fitness Center

The Fitness staff offer a holistic wellness program for residents at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads. A wide variety of daily classes are offered six days a week. These classes are designed to maximize your fitness level beginning with where you are currently in addition to addressing balance and flexibility. The Fitness Center studios are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to residents, their guests, and GHBC staff. Aquatics classes are offered weekday mornings according to schedules posted in the fitness center. The pool is available for open and lap swimming during designated hours Monday – Saturday and is staffed by a certified Lifeguard.

If you are interested in participating in any of the classes offered or in using the Fitness Center, please contact a Fitness Staff member at Ext. 7331. 

A Waiver of Liability and a release from your personal physician are required for use of the Fitness Center.

A private Massage Room is located on the First Floor of the Health and Wellness Center between the Fitness Center and Rehabilitation Center. Contact the Fitness Center for information on scheduling a massage

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Flower Arranging

Residents who enjoy arranging flowers are invited to join the Flower Committee to assist in making arrangements for the First Floor and other areas in the House.  If interested, contact Life Enrichment (Ext. 7218).  Flowers are provided by the House for these First Floor arrangements.


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Game Room

A Game Room is located on the First Floor, near the Life Enrichment office. This recreational space is available for informal games, community tournaments, and small social gatherings. The Game Room is adjacent to the Card Room, and includes a pool table, a ping pong table, and a poker table.

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The Library on the First Floor is administered by a committee of residents.  All persons serving the Library are volunteers and all volumes are donations.  The Library is always open although not necessarily attended, and books may be borrowed at any time by following the posted checkout instructions. 

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, daily papers, and other reference materials are for use in the Library only and should not be taken out.  Documents, such as the Minutes of the Resident Council meetings and the Disclosure Statement, are on file in the Reading Room. Past issues of the “West Winds” are also on file.

Large print books, talking books, DVDs, a reading machine, a computer, and resident requests for special books from the Fairfax County Library System may be ordered by a Library volunteer. A limited collection of large print books is also available and at request.

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Meetings, Private Parties, and Catering

Residents may reserve the public rooms without charge for private parties or for meetings held by non-profit organizations of which they are members.  Rooms that may be reserved include: the Auditorium, Board Room, Media Room, Staff Conference Room, Smith Study, Formal Parlor, and the Top of the West on the Crossroads 12th Floor.  Room reservations should be arranged through Life Enrichment (Ext. 7221) or Dining Services (Ext. 7251). Catering should be arranged through Dining Services (Ext. 7477), if food is to be served. A fee commensurate with the food service will be charged.

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Recreation Program for Assisted Living, Health Care Center, and Terrace

A holistic therapeutic recreation program is offered to residents of Assisted Living, the Health Care Center, and the Terrace. Regular events include fitness programs, discussion groups, performances, music therapy, cooking, and social events. In addition, the Residential Living events and programs are open to residents of the entire House and all residents are encouraged to attend.

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Special Interest Groups

Many special interest groups have been formed to meet the individual and varied interests and needs of residents. Examples include: Community Services Committee, Spiritual Companions, Memoirs, Great Courses, Newcomers Et Al. group, and the Green Team among others. Residents are free to form groups on their own or seek assistance from Life Enrichment. To find out more about special interest groups, call Ext. 7221.


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Volunteers from the greater community assist Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads with programs that embrace our mission to support, honor, and uplift the lives of older adults. Our volunteers provide computer training, lecture on timely topics, assist with gardening, and provide entertainment.  Community volunteers also offer services such as reading correspondence for the sight-impaired, providing one-on-one visits, serving as wheelchair escort for residents who need assistance going to lunch and activities, providing pet visits, and aiding staff with group activities.

Residents also perform volunteer services in a wide variety of areas and their participation is encouraged and appreciated. Resident volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to: serving on committees, hosting events, concerts, and social times, assisting as wheelchair escorts, acting as greeters at various events within the facility, providing entertainment, working in the Knoll Garden, assisting with the Christmas Bazaar and in the What Not Shop, visiting on the Health Care Center, arranging flower displays for the First Floor and providing library assistance.

The Volunteer Coordinator is located on the First Floor in the Life Enrichment office, and can be reached at Ext. 7671. Residents interested in becoming involved as a volunteer within Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads or within the community are encouraged to contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information and to schedule orientation.

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West Winds

A weekly informative newsletter for residents called the West Winds is provided at the Reception Desk on Saturdays. This free newsletter contains a schedule of programs and events as well as other helpful information. West Winds is also available by email; residents who wish to receive it via email may request a copy through  Residents who wish to submit an article for publication in West Winds may do so; all submitted articles are subject to editing, content, and space limitations. To submit an article, email it to, or call Ext. 7209 or 7221 for more information.

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Woodworking Shop

GHBC has a well-equipped Woodworking Shop. It is primarily for the use of residents, but it is also available for members of Facilities Management, as their work requires. The Woodworking Shop can be entered through the hallway leading to the Resident Storage area in the Crossroads. Each resident who has read and signed a statement regarding the “General Guidelines for Residents’ Woodworking Shop” and has successfully completed a training class is authorized access to the shop.  Guidelines are available in Life Enrichment. To get trained to use the Woodworking Shop, or for more information, call Ext. 7218.


VIII. Outside Services

Banking Metrobus Newspapers Shopping Taxis Telephones
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Arlington Community Credit Union offers a full service specialty branch office on the Ground Level at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads. The Branch Manager can be reached at 9-703-575-7666. Bank hours are as follows:

Tuesday  1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Friday 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Several banks have branches at Skyline (directly across Leesburg Pike), Leesburg Pike Plaza (adjacent to GHBC), Bailey’s Crossroads, South Jefferson Street and other nearby locations. Ask Life Enrichment (Ext. 7436) about transportation to these and other local points of interest.


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Metrobus Service schedules are available in the Mail Room. There is a Metrobus stop (16 J) adjacent to the GHBC property on South Jefferson Street.

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Residents make their own arrangements for newspaper delivery service. The Washington Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal subscriptions can be delivered to your apartment door. A copy of the New York Times and the Washington Post is available daily in the Library. To arrange to start or stop delivery call:

Wall St. Journal 1-800-975-8609       Washington Post 202-334-6100
Washington Times 202-636-3333   New York Times 1-800-698-4637



Please do not leave START or STOP delivery orders at the Reception Desk.

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The Leesburg Pike Plaza Shopping Center at Leesburg Pike (Rt. 7) and South Jefferson Street is adjacent to GHBC. Skyline Plaza is just across Leesburg Pike. Trips arranged by Life Enrichment to various malls are announced in West Winds, and a bi-weekly GHBC Shopping Shuttle is offered for a small fee. 

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Residents may order taxis by phone. Please give your name when ordering a cab so the driver can locate you when the cab arrives at GHBC. Residents are asked to call taxis before leaving their apartment.

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For local calls, dial “9”, 703, 301 or 202 - and the local number.  For long distance, dial “9-1”, the area code, and the number (See Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads Directory for in-house extensions). Special equipment such as long cords and amplified hearing receivers may be purchased at various stores. Residents buying or bringing telephones should be aware that only touch-tone phones will dial outside from GHBC.

The total charges for long distance calls will be on the monthly bill; itemized charges may be reviewed by appointment (Ext. 7430). There is no charge for local calls.

Verizon charges for listing in the Northern Virginia Directory. The Communications Coordinator will notify residents through the West Winds before publication of the new directory, and those wanting to be listed may contact the office. Billing for this service will appear on statements for November each year.

If you experience trouble with your telephone service, please contact the Communications Coordinator (Ext. 7430). Line problems will be referred to our telephone service carrier.  PLEASE NOTE: After business hours contact the Reception Desk for service.

IX. Palliative Care And Hospice

GHPC&H Palliative Care and Hospice
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GHPC&H Palliative Care and Hospice

Goodwin House Palliative Care and Hospice (GHPC&H)  provides services in all levels of living for residents who request services and meet the Medicare eligibility requirements.

Palliative Care provides consultant services for chronic disease symptom management, education, and goals of care planning. These services are provided by the Palliative Care team. Please call Director of Clinical Services (Ext. 7108) for more information between the hours of 8:30AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

Hospice services are provided by an interdisciplinary clinical team for persons diagnosed with a terminal illness. For further information, please call the Goodwin House Hospice office at Ext. 7108.

X. Policies And Privileges

Alcoholic Beverages Cell Phone Use in Public Areas Donation of Items Electric Carts/Scooters Firearms Gifts to Employees Grievance Procedure Pets Private Employees Smoking Tipping Voting
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Alcoholic Beverages

Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads has an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) license; therefore, alcoholic beverages, beer and wine may be served only in the public areas specified in the license application. A reasonably priced wine list is available daily in the Jefferson Dining Room. A cocktail Lounge adjacent to the Bistro and Garden Living Room is open Monday through Saturday from 4:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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Cell Phone Use in Public Areas

Please consider the quiet enjoyment of fellow residents when using your cell phone in public areas. Cell phone use is prohibited in the Jefferson Dining Room, Bistro and Lounge.  Please advise your guests of our cell phone policy.


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Donation of Items

Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads accepts donations by residents.  If you find that you have furniture, small appliances, or knick knack items that you can no longer use, you may donate them to the WhatNot Shop. The WhatNot Shop is a resident run shop that sells these items and gives the proceeds to the Goodwin House Foundation to benefit the Fellowship Program.

If you have something of great value you would like to donate to Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads for the organization to use, please contact the Office of the Executive Director, Ext. 7209.

If you would like to purchase a new item in honor or memory of someone, please contact the Executive Director, Ext. 7207, to discuss your wishes and to explore items that the organization may need.  Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads accepts these gifts on an individual basis. 


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Electric Carts/Scooters

Any resident considering the purchase of an electric cart or scooter is asked to contact the Clinic Nurse (Ext. 7227) prior to purchase to make arrangements for training on the use of the scooter. Scooters must be parked in a location that does not interfere with the mobility of other residents. Scooters must not be left unattended in the corridors on residential floors.


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To protect the safety and wellbeing of the House, the possession of active firearms (handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc., with operable hammers or pins) is prohibited on the premises. Inactive firearms, which have had the hammer or pin either filed down or removed so as to permanently render the firearm inoperable, may be retained. The possession of inactive firearms shall be restricted to the resident’s apartment. In no case shall firearms be displayed in the common areas of the House.

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Gifts to Employees

To ensure uniformity of service by staff to all residents, no individual tips, gratuities, or loans of money are to be accepted by staff or volunteers from residents or their families. Goodwin House Incorporated does authorize the following property transfers from residents to employees: 

  1. Contributions by residents or their families to the annual Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads Resident Employee Gift Fund, which is managed by residents. 
  2. Property advertised to the general public that may be purchased at fair market value.

See also Tipping.

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Grievance Procedure

If you have a concern or complaint, you are encouraged to address the matter directly by presenting the issue to the appropriate staff member, department head, or Executive Director. It is the policy of Goodwin House that all concerns and/or complaints will be addressed directly and in a timely manner without reprisal or retaliation. If you wish to discuss your concern with external governing authorities, you may contact the appropriate licensing agency and/or the Virginia Ombudsman’s Office.

GHBC has an Ombudsman who visits weekly. Concerns can be expressed in writing and left for the Ombudsman at the Reception Desk or appointments to meet personally can be arranged through the Social Worker (Ext. 7114 or Ext. 7225).

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GHBC recognizes the importance of pets to some residents. At the same time, we recognize the rights of all residents not to be disturbed or inconvenienced or have their health and safety threatened. All pets living on the premises must have all required immunizations, shall be certified by a licensed veterinarian to be free of illnesses, have a suitable temperament, and pose no health or safety risk to residents, staff, volunteers, or visitors.

Dogs are not welcome in the Knoll Garden, public community spaces, any of the dining venues, or surrounding areas.

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Private Employees

Private employees must be registered at the Reception Desk, receive and wear an identification tag, sign “in” and “out” at the Reception Desk, and comply with Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads policies. The Director of Nursing must be contacted (Ext. 7260) prior to hiring private duty personnel.  Meals taken (dates and what meals on each date) are to be registered and paid for by the resident. 

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GHBC is a smoke restricted community. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on GHBC’s campus except in a designated outside smoking area. On-campus smoking by GHBC employees, volunteers, or vendors/contractors is prohibited.  Smoking in Guest Rooms is prohibited. It is assumed that smokers and non-smokers will be considerate of each other. Please inform your guests of our smoking policies.

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Tipping is strictly forbidden and accepting tips is grounds for dismissal of an employee or volunteer. Residents who wish to express appreciation to employees are invited to contribute to the Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads Employee Gift Fund. Checks made out to the Employee Gift Fund may be placed in the specially designated box at the back counter in the mailroom.

See also Gifts to Employees.

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GHBC is in the 8th Congressional, 34th Senatorial and 49th House District of Virginia; and the Mason District, Glen Forest Precinct, of Fairfax County.  Residents who are duly registered are eligible to vote in the county, state and national elections; A photo ID is required for all voters. GHBC is the polling place for our area.  For information on registration and absentee voting, call Life Enrichment (Ext. 7221) or the General Registrar (703-222-0776).

XI. Religious Program

Chaplain Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Faith Communities and Other Places of Worship Worship Services
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A priest of the Episcopal Church serves Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads as interfaith Chaplain. There are chaplains from other faiths as well. The Chaplains are available to all residents for pastoral care, regardless of faith or religious affiliation. Chaplains visit residents in their apartments, administer Holy Communion to residents living in Assisted Living (including the memory unit, The Terrace) and the Health Care Center, and lead spirituality groups and one-on-one sessions with residents in Assisted Living and the Health Care Center. The Episcopal Chaplain can be reached at Ext. 7224. 

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Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads is a site for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) where seminarians of various faiths, clergy and laypersons are trained for pastoral ministry. In conjunction with their training, CPE students are available to visit residents who wish to have visitors. For more information, contact the Director of Clinical Pastoral Education at Ext. 7576.  


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Faith Communities and Other Places of Worship

There are various faith communities in the area. Residents are supported in maintaining or establishing faith community memberships in the area. The Chaplain gladly will assist residents in finding the desired faith community.

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Worship Services

The Chapel is located on the First Floor and is open to everyone for prayer and meditation. It is used for faith-based and memorial services, and is available for private use by arrangement with the Chaplain, Ext. 7224. The Episcopal service of Holy Communion is celebrated twice weekly in the Chapel, with an additional Sunday service on the Health Care Center.  Quaker Meetings occur twice weekly. Catholic Mass and Jewish Shabbat occur monthly. Unitarian Universalist services occur Sunday mornings in the Board Room. Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion from St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church lead Sunday Catholic communion services, followed by communion visits to Catholic residents unable to attend the service. A resident Spiritual Life Committee works closely with the Chaplain to plan other programs of a spiritual nature throughout the year. As location and times vary, please check West Winds for the most up-to-date information.

XII. Resident Council

About the GHBC Resident Council
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About the GHBC Resident Council

All persons who have been formally accepted as residents of Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads are members of the Resident Community, sharing a common interest in promoting and maintaining a satisfactory, enjoyable, constructive, active, healthful and secure community life. The Resident Council is the instrument created by the residents to represent the community to the Administration, Corporate Management, and the Board of Trustees in the attainment of these objectives. The Resident Council’s charter describes its function as representing the residents to the Administration on matters of common interest, to receive and act upon suggestions and observations from the residents, and to be attentive to the comfort, security and social well-being of the residents.

The Resident Council is comprised of 13 at-large members, half of whom are elected annually. The Assisted Living residents elect their own representative to membership on the Resident Council. The Health Committee of the Resident Council represents the health interests of Health Care Center residents to the Health Care Leadership Team (Second Floor). Members’ terms of office are two years. Members may be re-elected once for a total of four years, then must leave the Resident Council for at least one year.

The Resident Council members are elected in December by the Resident Community and take office in January when they elect a Chair and Vice Chair. The Chair of the Resident Council appoints a Secretary that may or may not be a member of the Resident Council. The Resident Council Chair is a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees of Goodwin House Incorporated. Chairs of the Resident committees on Community Services and Finance also sit on the related Board Committees.

The Resident Council Chair appoints the chairs of the Resident Council committees. The Committees have duties and responsibilities in particular areas as needs develop. These include: Building, Operations, and Maintenance; Employee Gift Fund; Community Services; Dining Services; Elections; Finance; Emergency/Safety Wardens;  Fine Arts; Green Team;  Grounds and Beautification; Health Services; Hospitality; Marketing; Life Enrichment; Security; Spiritual Life; and Veterans together with the Suggestion Box.

The Resident Council holds a community meeting monthly. Resident Council minutes are filed in notebooks located in the library. A copy of the Resident Council Handbook (including the Charter and Bylaws) is available in the Library. A list of Resident Council members and committee chairs and recent Resident Council Minutes are posted in the Mail Room and are filed in the Library. At least twice a year, in April and October, the Resident Council convenes a meeting of all residents to present a report and to hear from residents on matters of concern to them. The GHBC Executive Director, Goodwin House President & CEO, and Chair of the Goodwin House Board of Trustees are invited to present at these meetings. All meetings of the Resident Council and its committees are open to all residents and they are urged to attend.

The Resident Council maintains a Suggestion Box in the Mail Room and invites input by residents. All suggestions are referred to the appropriate staff department, with responses reviewed by the Executive Director and the Resident Council. Suggestions may also be made via the Resident Website/ Council & Committees.

It should be emphasized that the primary interest and purpose of the Resident Council is to represent the residents in matters of general interest, and it in no respect stands in the way of any resident presenting his or her individual matter to the Administration. 

XIII. Security

About GHBC Security Access Cards Access to Building After Dark Escort Service Automobiles Emergency Assistance Emergency Location and Response System Fire Emergency or Fire Drill Security Guards Security Locks Solicitors Surveillance Cameras Suspected Theft Suspicious Looking People
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About GHBC Security

Security officers patrol the grounds and building at random intervals throughout the day and during the night, monitor the 11:00 p.m. personnel shift-change, and are on call if and when needed. In addition, many security and safety features are built into our community. Procedures for dealing with emergencies are constantly being tested and improved.

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Access Cards

All entry points to GHBC are controlled through a keyless access card system, and residents are issued one (1) access card that is programmed to allow them passage in and out of the building and the parking garages. The main entrance to the building is locked between the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and the automatic doors to the garages are always locked. Residents may enter the building or garages at any time simply by waving their access card in front of the card reader near the doors and garage bays. If you need assistance with or require a replacement access card, please contact Security at Ext. 7123.  There is a $10.00 charge to replace lost cards.


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Access to Building

Access is primarily through the main entrance. After 9:00 p.m. the inside automatic door is locked. At the front and rear entrances, a push button is located on a wall-mounted panel that will automatically dial the Reception Desk when pushed. Through these devices, you may contact the Reception Desk for admittance. The Ground Level loading dock (back of building) is locked but usable by pressing a button that notifies the Reception Desk receptionist to unlock the door. The other doors at the end of each wing are EXITS and are not accessible from the outside. The building may be departed from any marked exit at any time.

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After Dark Escort Service

Based on availability of staff, ES personnel or a security guard will provide escort service to residents arriving after dark. Requests for personal assistance should be placed with the Security office with as much advance notice as possible (Ext.7123).


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Automobiles must be registered through the Security Office (Ext. 7123). A GHBC parking sticker should be placed on the rear window (driver’s side).  Only automobiles with the appropriate sticker may park in the spaces reserved for residents. When a car is sold or no longer in use, please notify the Security Supervisor. Information regarding vehicle requirements in Fairfax County is available in Life Enrichment (Ext. 7221).

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Emergency Assistance

To call for help from apartment:

  1. Dial “0” for the Reception Desk; or
  2. Knock the phone off the hook*; or
  3. Pull the cord above or opposite the commode in the bathroom; or
  4. Dial “911” for police, ambulance, fire department.

*Portable phones do not automatically call the Reception Desk.

A staff member will respond quickly to the initiation of any of the first three signals for help. 

In the Parking Garages, there are Emergency Call Stations that residents can use to get help from the Reception Desk. These call stations are cylindrical and have a blue light on top. If you have questions or concerns regarding their operation, call ES, Ext. 7244.

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Emergency Location and Response System

GHBC has several optional emergency alert systems available to residents.  Each security program alerts staff to a resident’s call for help or notifies staff if a participating resident has not checked in for the day. Residents can choose between two systems: the Infra-Red Motion Detector or the Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET).  For more information on each device, please see Heath & Wellness, Section VI.

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Fire Emergency or Fire Drill

Unannounced fire drills are held monthly to keep residents prepared to respond to an emergency and to comply with state regulations. "Treat every drill as seriously as if it were a fire, and every fire as calmly as if it were a drill" is the fire safety motto.

Fire prevention safeguards are inherent in the design and materials used in the construction of Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads. For example, floors and ceilings are concrete, interior walls are fire-treated drywall, and the carpeting and padding are fire-rated.

In the event of a fire emergency or fire drill, it is imperative that an open line of communication exists between residents and staff.

Additionally, it is vital that the switchboard phone lines remain open for communication purposes with emergency personnel and local authorities. Therefore, as you are aware, Safety Wardens have been designated on each floor to serve as the primary source of communication between residents and staff.

Fire Emergency or Fire Drill

The Following is a list of Resident Responsibilities during Fire or Drill:

  • Close windows.
  • Close doors and unlock deadbolts.
  • Stay in your apartment, unless there is evidence of smoke or flame inside your apartment.
  • If fire is in your apartment, leave your apartment, unlock deadbolt and close hallway door behind you. Then, pull nearest fire alarm box, telephone Reception Desk (dial "0") from hallway lobby phone and give your name, apartment number and location of fire. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire by yourself.
  • The smell of excessive smoking, burnt toast, etc. may cause someone to believe there is a fire emergency. To prevent a general alarm from being sounded in such a case, inform the Reception Desk that such a situation has been created and if it is under control.
  • Do not call Reception Desk to inquire about what is happening.
  • If you are on a Crossroads elevator when the alarm is engaged, please exit on the First Floor to the Dining Room or Auditorium. Do not attempt to use elevator until the "all clear" is announced.
  • If you are on a Pointe elevator when the alarm is engaged, please exit on the First Floor to the Elevator Lobby
  • Await further instructions given by the Fire Department, staff, Safety Wardens, or over the speaker system.
  • When it is determined that the building is secure, an “all clear” will be announced over the speaker system to indicate that the building is secure and residents may resume their normal activities.
  • If an evacuation of the Crossroads apartments is necessary, go through a smoke barrier door to a secure wing on your floor.
  • If an evacuation of the Pointe apartments is necessary, go down the closest available stairwell to the floor below.

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Security Guards

There is a security guard on duty 24/7. Security patrols the building and grounds and maintains a presence on the property. At request, the security guard can provide escort service to residents who are departing from or returning to the building. To speak with the Security Supervisor, call Ext. 7123. For immediate security concerns, contact the Reception Desk.

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Security Locks

A security lock for installation on the apartment entry door may be requested from Facilities Management if a resident plans to be away for an extended time. Security locks must be removed promptly on return to GHBC. One key for this lock is provided to the resident and one key is placed in the resident’s secure file in Administration.

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Solicitors are not allowed in the building. If one knocks on your door, please inform him or her of the policy and notify the Reception Desk (Ext. 0) immediately.

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Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras, observed 24 hours a day at Reception Desk , are located at various exterior doors, Ground Level corridors and resident parking areas.

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Suspected Theft

Suspected theft should be reported to the Reception Desk (Ext. 0) or Security (Ext. 7123) immediately upon discovery. Any delay impedes an investigation.

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Suspicious Looking People

Call the Fairfax County Police Department (703-691-2131) to report suspicious or strange behavior by outsiders on the grounds or in the building. Then, report your observations and action immediately to the Reception Desk (Ext. 0).

XIV. Social Work

About Social Work at GHBC Advance Directives Counseling Resident Rights Resources Support Groups
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About Social Work at GHBC

The Social Workers are clinically trained to advise and assist with special problems of a personal nature on a strictly confidential basis. There are four Social Workers, each assigned to work with residents at a different level of care and with residents in Goodwin House Palliative Care and Hospice. Brochures detailing their services are available at the Clinic or Social Work Office in the Administrative wing. Call for an appointment, Ext. 7225, or stop by the office on the First Floor in the Pointe.

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Advance Directives

An Advance Directive is an extension of an individual’s legal right to accept or reject medical treatment. It is a signed and witnessed document that states the individual’s desires as to life support procedures in case of his/her incapacity to make and/or communicate an informed decision. Virginia Advance Directives do not need to be notarized.

Two types are recognized in Virginia law: (1) the Living Will allows you to decide what life-prolonging procedures you want if a physician determines you have a terminal condition or are in a persistent vegetative state, and (2) the Durable Health Care Power of Attorney allows you to name someone to accept or refuse medical care for you. Many times both types are combined in one document. The Social Workers have copies of Advance Directive forms for your use, and each year Social Work presents a program in April for National Healthcare Decisions Day.

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The Social Workers are available to help residents deal with a variety of personal issues. These may include adjusting to a move or new medical diagnosis, concerns for changes in memory, matters of loss and grief, or emotions and feelings that are unsettling for the individual. If appropriate and with the consent of the resident, the Social Worker may include family members or staff in future discussions. Please contact a Social Worker to discuss this type of support.


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Resident Rights

Social Workers are advocates for the rights of residents and responsible for making certain that all residents are aware of their rights and responsibilities.  This is the policy of Goodwin House and the Virginia Department of Social Services. Each year in February the Social Workers conduct programs at all levels of care to review Resident Rights. Please contact the Social Work office at any time should you have a question about your rights.

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The Social Workers can help you access resources at GHBC and in the community on a wide variety of topics, including names of area accountants,  attorneys, and funeral homes; specialty products for persons living with a disability; and help with organizing and downsizing. Please contact the Social Work office with your specific request.

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Support Groups

It is the mission of Social Work to support the emotional and educational needs of our residents. Social Workers facilitate support groups for people with Parkinson’s, for caregivers, and for those who are grieving, and provide periodic educational seminars on hearing and vision loss and peripheral neuropathy. Groups and programs are announced in West Winds. Please contact the Social Work office for specific information about any of these groups.

XV. Transportation

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Residents have several transportation options available, including the GHBC 14 passenger bus, wheel chair van or sedans, taxi service, and Metro bus.

The GHBC Transportation Office schedules drivers for fee-for-service medical or personal appointments, and is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. GHBC has one bus equipped to carry fourteen passengers or two wheelchairs and twelve passengers. A wheelchair van and two sedans are also available. All regularly scheduled transportation leaves from the main entrance.

Please make reservations for GHBC Transportation by obtaining a Transportation Request Form from the Reception Desk or the Resident Business Center, located on the First Floor or the Resident Website.  Transportation is offered on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to medical appointments. For more information on GHBC Transportation, contact the Transportation/Front Desk Manager at (Ext. 7651).

Residents may order taxis by phone. Please your give name when ordering a cab so that the driver can locate you when the cab arrives. 

Metrobus schedules are available in the Mail Room. The closest Metrobus stop is on South Jefferson Street. Wheelchair access buses can be requested by calling Metrobus. 

Residents have several transportation options available, including the GHBC 14 passenger bus, wheel chair van or sedans, taxi service, and Metro bus.

The GHBC Transportation Office schedules drivers for fee-for-service medical or personal appointments, and is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. GHBC has one bus equipped to carry fourteen passengers or two wheelchairs and twelve passengers. A wheelchair van and two sedans are also available. All regularly scheduled transportation leaves from the main entrance.

Please make reservations for GHBC Transportation by obtaining a Transportation Request Form from the Reception Desk or the Resident Business Center, located on the First Floor or the Resident Website.  Transportation is offered on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to medical appointments. For more information on GHBC Transportation, contact the Transportation/Front Desk Manager at (Ext. 7651).

Residents may order taxis by phone. Please your give name when ordering a cab so that the driver can locate you when the cab arrives. 

Metrobus schedules are available in the Mail Room. The closest Metrobus stop is on South Jefferson Street. Wheelchair access buses can be requested by calling Metrobus.








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