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Staff Spotlight

Current Staff Spotlight

Mike Jones

Have you ever noticed a very tall man emerging from the kitchen and wondered who he is? His name is Mike Jones, or Big Mike to his friends, and he has been washing dishes at GHBC for over 25 years. At 6' 9" he would stand out in any group, but here at Goodwin House he stands out for his good nature, his diligence, and his big smile. Chef Allyson refers to him as “the heart of the kitchen.” Arriving sometimes as early as 6:00 a.m., he washes the dishes, sorts the flatware, and loads the dishwashers.

Mike grew up as an only child and still lives with his parents in Arlington in the same house he grew up in. Hs 95-year-old grandmother lives nearby and proudly cooks and cleans for herself. Mike has fond childhood memories of sledding and making snow angels with neighborhood friends. He attended Wakefield High School where, of course, he played on the basketball team. He is also proud of his time at Arlington’s career center.

In his spare time, Mike likes to hang out with friends. He used to enjoy hiking and camping but no longer does that. He does enjoy movies, especially action and horror movies featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. He is a big sports fan and is delighted with the recent successes of the Mystics, the Capitals, and now the Nationals. He is not, however, a Redskins fan and much prefers the Chicago Bears. He hopes to be able to travel to Las Vegas sometime soon but his greatest wish would be to open a bowling alley.

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