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Jedidia Ofosu Gyeabour Marfo

We all know Jedidia Ofosu Gyeabour Marfo (yep, 25 letters in his name) as a supervisor in Dining Services. As such, he trains and assists the staff and generally resolves any problems that arise. He has been with GHBC for the past six years and counting.
Jedidia grew up in Kumasi, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Ghana. After graduating from the Armed Forces Senior High School there, he finished 2 years at the University of Ghana. Because his mother wanted him to join her and his 2 older siblings, he came to Virginia hoping to study clinical psychology at George Mason University. They would not accept his college credits from Ghana, however, and he decided to go to NOVA instead. Except for one final practical test, he has just completed the program to become a dental hygienist. He was scheduled to take that test in DC, but it was canceled because of social distancing, and he now has to travel to Ohio to take it. He hopes to work for a while, complete a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene, and become a faculty member in a dental hygiene clinic. It is also his hope to get the dental clinic at GHBC actively running.
In his rare spare time, Jedidia enjoys all forms of music. He plays the drums in church and also plays the keyboard and the trombone. He likes to read. Due to the love he has for the residents and his coworkers, he plans to continue working here as he launches his career as a hygienist.

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